1 year, 1 million users in the Zoom Learning Center

Zoom Learning Center, a free educational platform developed by Zoom to enable you to quickly learn how to make the most of Zoom like a pro, was launched in December 2021 by Zoom with the aim of getting you up and running with Zoom like a pro. In the past year alone, over one million users from around the world have done exactly that, and it is increasing every day.

This is approximately 1 million more successful screen shares, happy hair days, and positive meetings that can be attributed to our team. Are you looking for some tips on how to improve your Zoom game? The Learning Center provides you with access to the following resources:

  • 75+ on-demand courses

  • The Zoom suite of products allows you to access a wide variety of short, interactive courses from anywhere at any time. It doesn’t matter what you’re learning, whether you’re trying to learn how to register for a webinar or how to take your first meeting, you’ll find a course here suitable for everyone.

  • Over six hours of video content 

  • Is there anything you need help with that you’re having trouble with? From the more than 100 Show Me Videos we have available, you can get everything you need in under five minutes.

  • 16 learning plans

  • Earn learning certificates that you can share with your network when you complete your full learning plans to become an expert in Zoom.

  • Learning in eight languages 

  • In the Learning Center homepage there is a simple drop-down menu that lets you select a language you would like to access the most popular basic courses in terms of product and administration from English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, and Korean.

  • A personalized dashboard

  • Your personalized dashboard provides you with progress tracking and statistics to keep you motivated throughout the day. With this feature, you can easily see what you have completed so far and resume where you left off.

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Hear what our users are saying 

“It was very simple to understand and I found it to be straightforward. It was great to try out a meeting on my own and see how it went.”

For anyone who is looking to get started on learning Zoom products and improve their productivity, the Zoom Learning Center is a great place to start.” The Zoom Learning Center is one of the best tools you can find out there.”

I am very impressed with the way the presentation was made!  This was a very engaging course that I enjoyed and was able to keep focused on the material due to the little touches of humor.”

Take a look at our Top Rated Courses of 2022 and find out what all the excitement is about:

  1. View the scene from an immersive perspective by zooming in

  2. Keep Webinar Attendees Engaged with Your Webinar

  3. A Zoom room can be connected to a computer via the internet

  4. Polling at a Glance

  5. Using the chat channel, searching, and changing the settings of the chat room

What’s next for the Zoom Learning Center?

The Learning Center is constantly expanding to meet the demands of users, as we continue to add new courses and Zoom products, as well as localizations in different languages.

The Learning Center will also be expanding its badges and qualification programs to allow users to share their marketable skills and accomplishments with other members of their professional networks in 2023 by allowing them to earn badges and qualifications. The Zoom Security Champion badge can be earned in as little as 10 minutes today!

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Zoom’s head of customer success, Jim Mercer, said, “We developed the Learning Center with the intent of empowering Zoom customers to accomplish anything they can dream of on Zoom, and we cannot wait to see what they can accomplish.” “We are just at the beginning of the journey.”



How many users are on Zoom?

Today, Zoom has an average of 300 million users that are actively participating in meetings each day.

How many participants are in Zoom workshop?

The capacity of a Zoom meeting that is supported by a big meeting license can be anywhere between 500 and 1000 attendees, depending on the specific license.

What is the Zoom learning Center?

The Zoom Learning Center is a free educational platform that is available to all new and existing users, regardless of your account type or user role. Here, you will find everything you were looking for, and much more. The Learning Center provides a growing number of on-demand courses as well as short films that are meant to provide you with exactly what you need at the exact time that you need it.

How many participants in Zoom free?

Zoom is a free software application that enables users to hold meetings with as many as one hundred participants and participate in video conferences that last for forty minutes.

Why is Zoom useful for school?

Students can attend classes, teachers can bring in remote guest speakers or host office hours online, and so on and so forth. All of this is made possible by the simplicity with which essential information can be shared through Zoom, which enables the school board to hold meetings, students to join classes, and so forth.

Is Zoom best for tutoring?

Zoom is a complete educational platform that may be used for tutoring. It gives you the ability to schedule classes with people located in any part of the world. The Breakout room feature of Zoom enables teachers to divide their class into a number of separate rooms or groups.