About the network settings of Zoom Rooms controller


In an environment where the control iPad is connected to a wireless LAN and the Zoom Rooms PC is connected to a wired LAN,

I could not control Zoom Rooms.

The error message at that time was described as “connecting to the same network”,

What does “the same network” mean in this case?

Need to be configured in the same broadcast domain?


※ The same network refers to belonging to the same VLAN / subnet.

If you can not connect to each other, try the following troubleshooting steps.

-Before login with iPad, first login to the PC for Zoom Rooms.

-Confirm that the iPad and the PC for Zoom Rooms belong to the same network / VLAN / subnet.

-Confirm that TCP / 9090 traffic is permitted from ZR to iPad at the firewall.

Check that the firewall is disabled on your Mac or PC.

Uninstall the Zoom Rooms (iPad) client, erase the data in the folder, and reinstall. Delete Zoom Rooms application from your computer and delete the data in the following folder.

C: Users % username% AppData Roaming ZoomRoom

Reinstall the Zoom Room client.


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