Allowing Apps access to shared access permissions in Zoom

Allowing Apps access to shared access permissions

As a result, it is also possible that these Marketplace apps might also require the same expanded set of permissions to act on behalf of other users. In the case that users are granted shared access to other users’ information, such as the ability to schedule appointments or being granted an admin role, these Marketplace apps may also need to request those expanded permissions. Our team is adding a new permission type for this, which will allow you to control your and other users’ information and privacy so that you are aware and aware how you are granting these accesses.


You may grant apps you install shared access permissions by doing the following:

  • There is a Zoom account available for you

You should review all App permissions on your account that are related to shared access.

  • If you are the owner, administrator, or an admin of the account, you will have access to the Marketplace to view and edit the listings

How to grant Shared Access Permissions during app authorization

You will have an additional option to permit the App developer access to additional information that has been delegates to you by other users when installing an App and authorizing the App developer to access the information associated with you. This additional option will appear once you install an App and approve the developer access to your information.

  1. Upon installing the app, you will be prompted to grant the app’s permissions to access your data.
  2. If you would like this app to use my shared access permissions, check the box next to Allow this app to use my shared access permissions.
  3. To finish installing this app, click Authorize.

How to review permissions for Apps you’ve installed

You can review and update the permissions used by Marketplace Apps you have already installed by heading to the individual Marketplace App pages, or by heading to the Installed Apps page where all your Marketplace Apps are listed together.

For an individual Marketplace App

  1. Open the Zoom App Marketplace by logging in to your Zoom account.
  2. You will be able to find the app you have installed on the Marketplace by performing a search on the website.
  3. Click on Update Permissions under Manage when you’ve finished selecting the app.
  4. The popup will appear where you are asked to authorize the application to access shared access and you can adjust the shared access permissions.
    1. You need to select the check box next to Allow this app to use my shared access permissions if you have not yet allowed this permission, and then click authorize in order to grant the expanded permissions.
    2. To revoke access permissions that you previously granted to shared access, click on Revoke Permissions for Shared Access if you have already given permission to shared access.

For all installed Marketplace Apps

  1. The App Marketplace can be accessed by logging into your Zoom account.
  2. Click the Manage button.
  3. Choose the Installed Apps link on the left side of the screen. The list of all the applications you have installed will be displayed.
  4. You will find each App’s access status in the Shared Access Permissions column. By clicking the Update button, you can allow or revoke that permission.
    1. It appears as though you have not yet allowed for the expanded permissions to be used by the app. In order to do so check the box next to Allow this app to use my shared access permissions, and click Authorize.
    2. The Revoke Shared Access Permissions link should appear if you have already granted shared access permissions, and now want to revoke them.

It is possible to review the permissions for all Apps on your account by following the steps below

Account owners, administrators, and those with custom roles with access to the Marketplace can take a look at all the Marketplace Apps that are installed by other accounts on your account in the company and see what types of permissions have been granted to each one.

  1. Open the Zoom App Marketplace by signing in to your account on Zoom.
  2. Select Manage from the drop-down menu.
  3. You will see a list of all the apps associated with your account on the left-hand side of the screen. This will list all the apps that the users of your account have installed.
  4. Select any of the listed apps to open it.
  5. You can find a list of all the subscribers that have installed this App on the Current Subscribers tab. This column will display the type of permissions that this application has for each of your users.

Permission types

Data access permissions are granted to each app in accordance with one of three types. This affects the amount of information that each Marketplace App has access to regarding its users and their accounts for each user who has installed it.

  • User: Only the user who installed the application will be able to gain access to the information associated with that application. In some cases, this could include details about your profile, your scheduled and hosted meetings, your settings, recordings in the cloud, and reports, some of which may include details about others who participate in such recordings, such as included in that user’s cloud recording.
  • User with Shared Access: A small piece of information about the user who installs the app as well as information pertaining to other users who have entrusted that user with additional access is accessible to the Installing App. A list of this may include information such as profile data, recordings, events, and reports, some of which can include other participants or sub-parents involved in those recordings, for example other participants who are included in the user’s cloud recordings.
  • Admin: It is possible that some of this information may include other individuals who are included in the information, for example, other users included in that user’s cloud recordings. Furthermore, it is possible that the App has access to account-level data, including profile data of users on that account, account settings, cloud recordings, and reports, some of which may include individuals who are included in the information, for example, other participants who were included in the recording of that installing user.

Frequently asked questions

Will I have to re-authorize every app and integration I’ve installed?

It is not always the case that every app needs to ask for permission to access that kind of information since not all apps are designed for accessing that type of information.

Can I authorize shared access permissions for all apps at once?

You won’t be able to access the expanded user information that you’ve been delegated without giving explicit permission to each app. During the app authorization process, a user will have the option of granting the app this expanded level of access. As well as reviewing all of your installed Apps at once, you can also grant permissions for all of them at the same time. If you are not familiar with the above sections, please refer to them for more details.

How do I check and adjust each of my installed app’s permissions?

On the Installed Apps page of the Marketplace, you have the option of checking and updating the permissions set for all installed apps. If you need additional information, please reference the sections below.

As an Admin, can I review all my users’ Shared Access permissions?

I believe that admins can view what permission each app has to each user on their account as long as the app has been installed on that user’s account. The admin has the option to view either User information (the app doesn’t have access to any linked information regarding that user), User with Shared Access information (the app has access to related information regarding that user and any other users who have delegated access to him), or Admin information (access to account-level information). Further information on permission types can be found in the Permission Types section.

What does each app do with other users’ data? How do they handle and store that data?

In every app’s Marketplace page, you can find the application’s privacy policies as well as the app’s permissions scope. Admins, as well as every user who installs the app during the installation process, are encouraged to review these before the app is approved. We recommend that you review the admin guide for Marketplace to learn more about what the pre-approval process entails.

As an App developer, do I need to change anything in my integration?

We currently do not need to make any changes in your integration or permission scope for the time being. More information about this can be found in the API reference guide for developers.