App installation method (iPhone version and Android version)




  • How to install Zoom on iPhone
  1. Open” App Store “, enter ” zoom ” in the search field and search.

Multiple candidates are displayed, but the application called ” ZOOM Cloud Meetings ” is the applicable application.

  1. Tap Get.

If you have not signed in, you will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID. Sign in with your ID and password. If configured beforehand, fingerprint authentication and face authentication can also be used.

If authentication is successful, the download will start and the installation will end. Make sure that the Zoom icon is added to the home screen.

How to install Zoom on Android

  1. Open with the icon “Play Store”. Most of the icons are on the Home screen or “Settings”.

Google Play uses Google ID.

If you have not registered Google ID on your device beforehand, you will be asked to sign in. Also, if you do not have a Google ID, create one and use Google Play again.

  1. You can search for apps by name on Google Play. Enter ” zoom” in the search window . The application called ” ZOOM Cloud Meetings” is the corresponding application.
  2. Tap ” Install” to download and install




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