How to active Zoom App Notifier

Active Apps Notifications provide a notice to everyone participating in the meeting, or attending the webinar, when a host or other participant is using an app, such as video, audio, chat, or meeting files, while a meeting or webinar is in progress. This significantly improves transparency of how the data you share in the meeting … Read more

How to report inappropriate behavior in Zoom App

The meeting security features in our platform provide you with an easy way to keep your meetings secure. By selecting which participants you wish to report, including any written details, and adding attachments, you can make a report for inappropriate behavior during a meeting. In the event of any misuse of this platform, this report … Read more

How to set a custom gallery view order in Zoom App

The Gallery view allows you to drag and drop video thumbnails to create a custom order of videos. Until the next change is made by a participant, all other tiles will remain in place until that change is made. If there are more than one participant, the new participant will appear at the bottom-right, on … Read more

How to view closed captioning/live transcription in Zoom

In Zoom meetings and webinars, you have a variety of options to create a closed caption for each speaker, which provides you with subtitles for the spoken exchange within the meeting. This feature may be used to satisfy the accessibility requirements of participants or so they may follow the discussion easily. The Zoom meeting features … Read more

How to enable 3rd Party Audio in Zoom App

Enabling 3rd Party Audio When 3rd Party Audio is enabled, your meeting participants can join with the 3rd party audio conference phone number that you provide, instead of the VoIP or PSTN number you provide through Zoom. It is important to note that third party audio conferencing has the following limitations: After the option is … Read more

How to Adjust your video layout during a Zoom virtual meeting

During your Zoom meetings and presentations, you can adjust your video layout preferences according to your needs-see everyone, hide participants, and much more. If no one is screen sharing, then meeting participants have the option to choose from 4 different video layouts: Speaker view, Gallery view, Immersive view, and floating thumbnail view.¬†You can choose to … Read more

How to participating in breakout rooms in Zoom

Zoom breaks up the main meeting into separate breakout rooms which are separate sessions that can be viewed separately. These sessions give the participants the opportunity to get together in smaller groups, and are completely isolated from the main session regarding both audio and video. During these breakout sessions, participants can collaborate and discuss the … Read more

Keyboard shortcuts and hot keys for Zoom App

In the Zoom settings, you can navigate the screen using keyboard shortcuts instead of using your mouse to change the settings. As well as being available in this article, they can also be accessed in the settings for your Zoom desktop client, under the Keyboard Shortcuts list. Prerequisites for hot keys and keyboard shortcuts Zoom … Read more

How to stop all incoming video in a meeting or webinar in zoom

It is easy to stop all incoming video feeds if you need to preserve bandwidth for shared content or do not want to become mentally fatigued by watching a video with multiple participants. There is no effect on the others and they are not affected by this, but it will affect your perception of the … Read more

How to configuring Zoom with G Suite / Google Apps

In order to enable single sign-on (SSO) for your Google Workspace / Google Apps organization, you will need to set up a default user type, which will enable SAML mapping as well as provisioning via SSO and SAML mapping. You can also log in with your Google account, which does not require any further configuration … Read more