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If you have Zoom Phone enabled in your account, you can transfer busy calls. There are three methods of call transfer: warm transfer, blind transfer, and transfer to voice mail.

Note :

  • When forwarding a call, the caller ID displayed atthe forwarding destination depends on whether the forwarding destination is an extension number or an outside number.
  • If your administrator has enabled automatic recording, or you have started recording a call, select the transfer option to end the recording. This applies when forwarding to external or internal contacts. If you select Warm Transfer , you can resume recording and record the part before the transfer is complete.

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Transfer method

There are three transfer methods available for the Zoom desktop client and mobile app.

Warm transfer : Puts the call on hold until the transfer is complete. This option is useful if you need to work with an automatic answering machine for the caller or if you want to talk to the recipient before transferring the call.

Blind transfer : Transfer to the specified phone number and hang up immediately. If you are prompted for a phone menu, the other party must complete it.

Forward to Voicemail : Forwards the call to the voicemail with the specified phone number. This transfer method may not work for some phone numbers. You can also use the DTMF code to forward to voice mail.

Desktop client

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click Phone.
  3. Follow the instructions to make or receivecall .
  4. During a call, click Transfer.
  5. Dial the phone number to the forwarding destination. You can also enter a name to search for extensions, outside lines, or synced contacts .
  6. Click the blue transfer button and select the transfer method:
  7. If you select Warm Transfer, the original call is put on hold until the dialed number is connected. When the transferee responds , click Complete Transfer to hang up. You can continue to use most in- call controls until you complete the transfer . If you want to cancel the warm transfer and return to the original call, click Cancel Transfer .

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Mobile app

  1. Sign in to the Zoom mobile app.
  2. Tap Phone.
  3. Follow the instructions to make or receive a call.
  4. During a call, tap Transfer.
  5. Dial the phone number and tap the blue transfer button, or tap the contact icon to call an extension, outsideline , or synced contact .
  6. Selecttransfer method:
  7. If you select Warm Transfer, the current call is put on hold until the dialed number is connected. Tap Transfer Complete to hang up. You can continue to use most in- call controls until you complete the transfer . If you want to cancel the warm transfer and return to the original call, tap Cancel Transfer.


Frequently Asked Questions 

It is possible to forward Zoom calls to smart phones or landlines if necessary.
  • Open Zoom on your desktop.
  • Click the Phone button.
  • Calls can be made or received by following the instructions.
  • You can transfer a call by clicking the Transfer button during the call.
  • The forwarding destination can be reached by dialing the number. …
  • Select the transfer method by clicking the blue button:


Can Zoom automatically call my phone?

Admins and owners with the right to edit account settings should sign into the Zoom web portal. You can adjust your account settings by clicking Account Management in the navigation menu. Select Audio Conferencing from the tab menu. To enable or disable Call Me and Invite by Phone, click the toggle.
You can identify the caller by seeing a call notification on Zoom phone during a Zoom meeting.The meeting host has the option of answering the call and putting the meeting on hold, ending the meeting and accepting the call, or forwarding it to voicemail when the call is not answered.
Select the person or number to merge with and click or tap the merge icon to enable three-way calling. 
  1. During a 3-way call, if one of the participants leaves, the call will continue for the other two.


The call queue feature allows account owners and admins to route incoming calls to groups of users. In your office, you may route calls to the billing department, sales department, or customer service department. The maximum number of members in a call queue is 50. The call queue settings can also be changed and the queue calls can be monitored.

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