Caller verified icon In Zoom App

If a caller is verified as a person by Zoom Phone, a checkmark icon will be displayed next to their name in an attempt to identify robocalls and spam. Caller verification icon appears when the calling party has been authenticated by the carrier and authorized to use the calling number.

Where the icon appears

There is an icon for caller verification that appears on the inbound call notification screens as well as in the call history, voicemail, recording, and SMS logs; for the following inbound call scenarios:

  • In the same account, you can make Zoom Phone calls from extension to extension
  • Extension You can also make Zoom Phone calls between users of different accounts
  • When originating calls such as those placed on public US telephone networks are accompanied by an A-level attestation that complies with STIR/SHAKEN guidelines


Carriers are required to use a digital signature when receiving calls emanating from their customers in accordance with SIR/SHAKEN, an industry standard caller authentication standard. In addition to identifying robocalls and spam calls, SHAKEN verifies if the calling party has been authenticated and if the calling number is authorized. Visit the FCC website for more information.