Can I join a conference via dial-in in Zoom conference? (Premium voice option)

Telephone Option “Premium Audio Plan” has the following three functions.

You can select each on/off and target country when you apply for a plan.


1.Toll-Free = Toll-Free

Local users join Zoom conferences with toll-free numbers.

For target countries,  please refer to the dial-in number for international calls.

When a local user enters by phone, there is no call charge to the person because he/she dials toll-free.

However, the call charges will be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis (customer side).


  1. Toll (Fee-based) = Pay Per Use

A local user charges a local call volume and participates in the Zoom conference.

Overseas, there are countries where dial-in numbers are not disclosed.


If the dial-in number is not published

Participants should use the dial-in number of the published country, such as the neighboring country.

There is an international calling fee to pay for the telephone company.


Dial-in number To prepare dial-in number in an unlisted country

You need to apply for Zoom Premium Audio.
You will need to pay “for a fee” to Zoom.
The organizer will be responsible for the owner’s expense.
The participant’s phone charge will be charged separately.

  1. Call out

From the Zoom conference host, call (invite) local users by phone.
How To Use Telephone Call-Out


Charge accumulation

Toll-free is the sum of Toll-free, Toll (Fee-based) and Call Out usage.
Each is accumulated on Zoom’s international call coverage area and call charges.

If the accumulation exceeds the monthly prepayment, an over-the-time overage amount charge additional occurs.


About payment


Annually Commit plan (annual start commit ) :

Charge amount  1 (US $) × open price (yen)   1 $ 1,200 to $ 1,200

The excess is pay-per-use at the rate of cash payments.


Monthly Commit plan (monthly start commit ) :

Charge amount  2 (US $) × open price (yen)   2 $ 100 to $ 100

The excess is a cash payment rate and pay-as-you-go.

We recommend annual charges, as monthly excess processing will occur each month.