Can I join the Zoom meeting by dialing in? (Premium voice option)

The telephone option “Premium Audio Plan” can use the following three functions.

* You can select each On / Off and target country when applying for the plan .


1.Toll Free = toll free

Local users join the Zoom meeting toll-free .

For target countries,  refer to the dial-in number for international calls .

When a local user enters by phone, the toll-free number is used, so there is no call charge to the local user.

However, the call charge will be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis to the customer (administrator) who is the contractor .


2.Toll (Fee-based) = pay-as-you-go base (paid)

Local users pay for local calls to join Zoom meetings.

Overseas, there are countries where dial-in numbers are not disclosed.

  If the dial-in number is not published

Participants should use the dial-in number of a publicly available country, such as a neighboring country .

International call charges will be charged to the telephone company.

  Dial-in number To prepare a dial-in number in an undisclosed country

You need to apply for Zoom Premium Audio.
A “payment (fee-based)” payment to Zoom is required.
The organizer, to be correct, will bear the cost of the owner.
Participant’s telephone charges will be charged separately.

3. Call out

The Zoom conference organizer will call (invite) local users by phone.
How To Use Telephone Call-Out



■ Charge accumulation

Toll accrual is the total of Toll-free, Toll (Fee-based), and Call Out usage.
Each is accrued for Zoom’s international calling area and calling charges .

If the accrual exceeds the monthly prepayment, we will charge the excess amount in Japanese yen, which is the sum of our fee and our fee.

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