Can I use Zoom App in a web browser?





With ZoomWeb Client

Join Zoom meetings or webinars without downloading plug-ins or software.
However, the web client has some of the best features of Google Chrome , albeit with limitations .

From the settings, you can control whether the join link is automatically displayed from the browser or only displayed when participants try to download the Zoom client. Please refer to here for more details.


・ Internet Explorer 10 or more

・ Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0 or higher

・ Google Chrome 53.0.2785 or more

-Safari 10.0.602. 1.50 or higher

・ Firefox 49.0 or later

Inter-browser function

  Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Internet Explorer
Share videos  
Join computer audio        
Join audio on the phone
Manage meeting organizer
Watch shared videos  
View sharing screen
Request remote control  
Chat during a meeting
Subtitle show / hide
Webinar Q & A

Attend a meeting or webinar

  1. Click the link to join the meeting.
  2. The “Join from Browser” option may be displayed automatically.
    If this is not the case, select “Can’t download? Can also click here to start.” And join the meeting in your browser.


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