Category: Admin Management

zoom business administration- In this category, you will know about the user management role, how to control access along with IM management and group management, different country call number of zoom supporting customer care.

This category will help to understand the license agreement, Zoom room, and meeting participation setting, meeting transfer webinar, and cloud meeting,

this category will cover lots of topics in the way of zoom app help.

Few are given below –

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[Administrator] Tracking field scheduling

Specify default dial-in country

[Administrator] Remove user from an account

[Administrator] Change user password

[Administrator] Import users via CSV file

[Administrator] Add batch user

Group HD

[Administrator] Is it possible to record every time during a meeting?

[Administrator] Domain Management

[Owner only] Change account owner

[Administrator] How to register the created account in the contact information efficiently

About sudden increase in active users during Active Host License contract

[Administrator] Account usage restrictions and service content restrictions associated with employee categories