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Audio echo during a Zoom meeting

There are three possible causes of audio echo and howling during a meeting. Audio of the participants are active both is Speaker distance between participants is too close Multiple active audios exist in one meeting room Case 1: Both participants' audio is active When ...

How to join Zoom Meeting by Phone

Join a Zoom meeting using a traditional phone. Joining by phone is useful in the following cases: PC / there is no microphone or speakers to the Mac  Do not have a smartphone (iOS or Android) in the movement and  Can not connect to the network with video and VoIP / computer audio ...

Use the original sound in Zoom App

Case to recommend the use of original sound You can use the sound from the microphone as it is without using Zoom's echo cancellation and audio enhancement features. If your microphone or sound device has a built-in noise canceller or audio enhancement feature and you do not need ...