Changing Zoom Contact Center inbox settings

This post was most recently updated on July 29th, 2022

Users can be granted access to an inbox or messages can be automatically deleted after a specified number of days after they are created.

This article covers:

  • How to access inbox settings
  • Inbox settings
    • Settings section
    • Storage section

Prerequisites for changing inbox settings

  • Ownership or administrative privileges on an account
  • An account for professionals, businesses, or educators
  • License for Zoom Contact Center

How to access inbox settings

  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by signing in.
  2. You can access your Inbox by clicking Contact Center Management in the navigation menu.
  3. To edit an inbox, click its display name.

Inbox settings

Settings section

  • Display name: Inbox display names can be changed by clicking the pencil icon.
  • Inbox type: The Inbox type is displayed.
  • Access: Amount of queues and queue members with access to inboxes, if applicable. Clicking Add, View, or Edit will allow you to add or edit queues or queue members with access. Videomail and voicemail messages can be played, downloaded, or deleted by users with access.
  • Delete voicemail after a specified number of days: You can specify how many days you want to expire. The inbox will be permanently emptied if the specified number of days has passed.
  • Soft Delete: Soft detention of inbox messages can be enabled or disabled by clicking the toggle. The trash can be used to recover deleted messages for up to 30 days after they have been deleted, if enabled. It is permanent to delete messages after these 30 days.

Storage section

  • Inbox Content Storage Location: Manage Communications Content storage locations.