Changing Zoom Contact Center user settings

The settings of the phone users can be changed after they have been added to Zoom Contact Center.

The following are the topics covered in this article:

  • How to access user settings
  • General section
  • Queues section
  • Skills section
  • Channel Settings section

Prerequisites for changing user settings

  • The account owner or admin must have the following privileges:
  • An account that is either Pro, Business, or Education
  • Licenses for Zoom Contact Center are available for purchase

How to access user settings

When a user is added to Contact Center, admins have the option of changing their settings. When you are adding users to Contact Center, you have access to most of these settings as well.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal by entering your email address and password.
  2. Click on Contact Center Management in the navigation menu and then click Users at the bottom of the page.
  3. You can edit the display name of a user by clicking on that user’s display name.
    The following settings can be accessed or customized by you:

General section

  • Role: The role of the user is displayed on the screen. You can change the role of the user by clicking on the drop-down menu.
  • Note: It should be noted that if you are an admin who wants to change your own user settings, you will be able to do so only if you choose a role that has the User Management view and editing privileges. It is designed to prevent admins from accidentally losing access to the contact center user management system in the event of an accident.
  • Package: Provides the user with a list of the Contact Center packages that are assigned to them.
  • Status: Displays the user’s current status as far as his or her presence is concerned. Changing the status of an item can be accomplished by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Add more statuses to your account by modifying the settings at the account level.
  • Note: A user can only customize their profile when they are customizing an existing user, not when they are adding a new user to their account.
  • User Status: The license status of the user is displayed on this page. The user will still appear on your user list if you disable them, but they will not be able to use the Contact Center features if you disable them.
  • Country/Region: Changing the country/region of the user will ensure that his or her phone number is formatted according to the country or region that he or she selected.

Queues section

  • Assigned Queues: This function displays a list of queues to which the user belongs.
    • The user can be added to as many queues as he or she wants by clicking Add Queues.
    • It is possible to remove a user from a queue by clicking on the cross icon (*).

Skills section

  • Assigned Skills: Displays skills that have been assigned to the user.
    • Click Add Skill to assign more skills to the user.
    • Click the cross icon (×) to remove the skill from the user.

Channel Settings section

  • Multi-channel Engagements: As part of the agent load, agents can receive voice and video engagements while managing chat and SMS engagements based on the maximum number of interactions they can handle.
  • Maximum Messaging Concurrency: Set the maximum number of concurrent messages that can be sent. Using the concurrent messaging weights in account-level preferences, the maximum number of chat or SMS engagements that can be handled by agents at one time is determined based on the maximum number of chat or SMS engagements that can be handled at once. It is possible for an agent to engage in four messages simultaneously if he or she has a weight of 0.5 and a concurrency limit of 2, for instance.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I change my Zoom account settings?

Please use your email address and password to sign in to Zoom’s website in order to start using the service. The Account Management menu can be accessed from the navigation panel by selecting Account Management from the menu bar, and then clicking the Account Settings option. Your account settings can be found under the following three tabs: Meetings, Recordings, and Audio Conferencing, and you will be able to access them all through these tabs. Select the setting you wish to change by navigating to it.

Does Zoom have contact center?

In addition to being omnichannel, Zoom Contact Center is also a fully unified contact center that can be accessed through any channel, including video, and which can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Bringing unified communications with contact center capabilities together, Zoom Contact Center offers the best of both worlds.

How do I change my Zoom phone number?

By logging into your Zoom account, you will be able to access the Zoom web portal. Click the Phone System Management option on the navigation menu, and then click the Phone Numbers option. The Assigned tab can either be clicked or the Unassigned tab can be clicked. You can edit the number by clicking on it.

Can you change Zoom account settings while in a meeting?

The asterisk next to a setting means you are able to alter it while scheduling or hosting a meeting, which means that you are able to make changes while you are in the middle of the meeting. If you’re in a live meeting, you may not be able to use some of the features that are listed below until you adjust your settings at before you can use them.

Where do I find user management in Zoom?

A step-by-step guide to accessing the user management system. If you wish to login to the Zoom web portal, you will need to do so as either the account owner or the account administrator. You can access the User Management menu by clicking on the User Management link in the navigation menu.

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