Comparison of Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar

The meeting and webinar platforms provide similar functionality, but with some important differences.

The meeting is designed to be a collaborative event where all participants can share the screen, turn on video and audio, and see who else is attending.

Webinars are designed to allow hosts and designated panelists to share video, audio, and screens. In the webinar, viewers are only allowed to view. Webinars have the ability to interact through Q & A, chat, and answering voting questions. The host can also unmute the viewer. Webinar viewers will not be able to change their names.

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Zoom Meetings and webinars

meeting Webinar


Zoom meetings are ideal for holding more interactive sessions, where you
want to get more audience participation
, divide your sessions into smaller groups
Think of a webinar like a virtual lecture or auditorium.

Webinars are ideal for large public audiences and events. Webinar participants usually do not interact with each other. Zoom offers options for interacting with participants, but many webinars have one or a few people talking to the audience.


Small to large groups ( 2 or more participants):

  • Customer response meeting
  • Sales meeting
  • Workshop
Large-scale events and public broadcasters ( more than 50 participants) such as

  • Dialogue rally
  • Quarterly meetings, etc.
  • Educational lecture

User characteristics

  • General employee
  • Training group
  • Event holding
  • SVP and C Chief Executive (Responsible)


Free and paid subscriptions available options. Available with paid add-ons, Pro and above subscriptions.


Function comparison


meeting Webinar

Participant role

  • Host and co-host
  • participant
  • Host and co-host
  • Panelist
  • participant

Audio sharing

  • All participants can mute/unmute their audio
  • Organizers can request participants to be muted/unmuted
  • The host can be set to mute all participants when joining
  • Only hosts and panelists can mute/unmute their audio
  • Participants will participate in listen-only mode *
  • The host can unmute one or more participants

Video sharing

All participants Host and panelist
Screen sharing


  • Up to 100 with a free license
  • Up to 1,000 depending on paid licenses and add-ons for large meetings.
  • Depending on the license,
    up to 100 ~ 10,000 participants.

List of Participants

Shown to all participants Shown to hosts and panelists

E-mail notification

N / A

If registration is valid


Chat during a meeting Webinar chat


N / A

Nonverbal feedback

Raise your hands only

Q & A

N / A

File transmission

N / A




Meeting voting Webinar Voting

Live stream

Facebook, YouTube, Facebook workplace, custom streaming service Facebook, YouTube, Facebook workplace, custom streaming service


Meeting registration Register for webinar

Closed caption


Breakout room

N / A

Practice session

N / A

Waiting room

N / A

Paypal integration

N / A

Password required to participate

International dial-in number

Note: If you allow the host or co-host to speak to the participant, the participant can enable the microphone, mute and unmute itself.


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