End-to-end encrypted chat in Zoom App

What is end-to-end encrypted chat

It is a function to send chat messages safely among Zoom users. Encrypted messages use TLS 1.2 to encrypt all chat messages with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit key, a common key encryption standard.

What you can do with end-to-end encrypted chat enabled

  • User sends file
  • Send images and screenshots
  • Send emoticons

If end-to-end encrypted chat is not enabled

Note: In the chat history of the Zoom web portal , account owners and administrators can see the date and time of the last message sent with chat participants, but can not read chat messages.

Before setting up end-to-end encrypted chat

  • Zoom’s Windows or Mac version 4.1.8826.092 5 or higher
  • iOS version 4.1.8855.0925 or higher
  • Android version 4.1.8860925 or higher

Some older versions of Zoom, such as Windows and Mac versions 3.5.37712.0111 and higher, iOS versions 3.5.37499.0111 and higher, and Android version 3.5 37712.0111, support end-to-end encrypted chat, but all features are available Please note that this is not the case.

Enable end-to-end encrypted chat

To enable the end-to-end encrypted chat feature for all members in your organization

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an administrator with permission to edit IM groups and click IM Management ] .
  2. At the top of the page  [ IM Settings ]  and then click the tab.
  3. [To enable end-to-end encryption of the chat will ]  go to the option, make sure that the setting is enabled. 
    If the setting is invalid, click the status toggle to enable it. When the confirmation dialog is displayed , select On ] to confirm the change.

When sending text

The lock appears in the text box.

<PC ・ Mac>

<IPhone · Android>

Notification when a message is received

If you receive an encrypted chat message, the text does not appear until the user opens Zoom. 
You will receive a message that you have received an encrypted chat.

<PC ・ Mac>

<IPhone · Android>