Is Future Schedule Zoom Reporting Possible?

Unfortunately, the administrator can not report future plans with the report function and dashboard function.

The reporting function and the dash function reflect the current use of the meeting/webinar and the already held meeting/webinar.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Click on Upcoming in the Zoom app. This will list all upcoming meetings you have scheduled or for users that you have scheduling privilege for. If you have Zoom synced to your calendars, it will also list any meetings that Zoom finds on your calendar.
There is also an opportunity to view a collection of past meeting reports, including attendee information and poll results, for the past 12 months, as well as extending the search range to include a year at a time. The registration reports for that meeting will be deleted by Zoom as soon as the meeting does not begin within 30 days, it expires, and Zoom decides to batch deletes it, which will also result in the deletion of the registration reports for that meeting.
Using the Zoom Scheduler Extension for Chrome, participants are able to schedule Zoom meetings directly from their Google Calendars by using the Zoom Scheduler Extension, which can also be installed on their computer’s browser. As a result of the extension, it is possible to schedule a future meeting as well as start an instant meeting.
If you would like to edit the profile picture of your profile, you need to click on the picture of your profile then click on Settings. Choose the option Remind me of my meeting __ minutes before it starts and lets me know when to arrive. (Optional) In order to receive notices about your upcoming meetings sooner than what’s shown on the dropdown menu, you can choose a different number from the dropdown menu. At your selected time, a reminder will be sent to you to let you know when the meeting will take place.
Each participant in the meeting will be able to see their name and time as well as when they joined and left the meeting on the list that appears once the meeting is opened. If you wish to keep track of the meeting participants, it is possible to extract the list of participants from the meeting minutes in order to convert them to a CSV file so that you can keep track of them for your own records.

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