Group message archive in Zoom App Account

If group messaging (IM / Presence) is enabled in your Zoom account, chat messages are automatically archived and stored in Zoom’s cloud leverage AWS DynamoDB.

Archived messages are stored for 10 years .

Enable group message archiving

To enable group message archiving for your account, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an administrator with permission to edit IM settings and click IM Management .
  2. Navigate to the Cloud Storage option on the IM Settings tab and verify that the settings are enabled. If the setting is invalid, click the status toggle to enable it. When the confirmation dialog appears, select Turn on to confirm your changes. When enabled, select the time to save the chat message.
    Messages can be stored in Zoom’s cloud for up to 10 years.

Refer : By default, only the account owner [IM management] of [Chat History from the tab [archive of group messages] you can access. Account owner, the role of management ] in [Chat History You can allow access to the by putting a check in the display of the column, other administrators and members of the chat history on the account.

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Download archived group messages

Archived messages can be viewed or downloaded by the account owner or user.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an administrator with permission to edit IM settings and click IM Management .
  2. Go to the Chat History tab. To display a list of messages, specify a date to search. You can optionally search for messages sent or received by a specific user.
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  1. Select Download .
    Download to CSV in the following format:

    • Session ID
    • Sender mail
    • Recipient email or chat room name
    • date
    • Message content

Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble accessing your saved in-meeting chats after the recording has been processed? Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by signing in.
  2. Click Recordings from the navigation menu.
  3. To access Cloud Recordings, click the tab.
  4. All meeting files will be displayed when you click the meeting topic.


Zoom can archive meeting data for specific users in an account, as controlled by account admins rather than meeting hosts, in contrast to cloud recording, which allows users to save video, audio, chat, and transcription files per meeting.
With Zoom’s Meeting Archiving solution, you can capture and archive data from meetings and breakout rooms in an automated manner, including voice, video, captions/transcripts, and in-meeting chat messages, which you can access through the integration of a third-party provider for compliance purposes and archiving purposes.
You will follow 3 simple steps:
  1. Your computer will need to be connected to the Zoom cloud to download the recordings.
  2. Your Zoom account should be deleted.
  3. Decide where they should be archived.

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