How can I change the participant’s video layout in Zoom App?

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

Video layout type

If no one in the meeting is sharing the screen, there are three video layouts.

Active speakers, galleries, and mini windows.


When someone is sharing the screen,

You can use side-by-side mode or view screen sharing with active speakers or gallery views .
You can also hide non-video participants.
All of these layouts can be used in full-screen mode or window mode, except for mini windows.


If you only show a specific speaker,

You can pin or spotlight the participant’s video.

  • Pin video you can disable the display of active speakers to show only specific speakers.
    Locking other users ‘videos only affects your own computer and local recordings, not other participants’ views or cloud recordings.
  • Spotlight video users are the primary speakers for all participants in meetings and cloud recordings.
    To spotlight, a video-on-demand meeting requires at least 3 participants, and only the organizer can participate.


You can view the layout other than the mini window in full screen by clicking the icon with the four arrows in the upper right corner of the Zoom window. In the same place [ Exit full-screen] press, using the Esc key on the keyboard, you can exit the full screen.

Active speaker

Active speakers are the default video layout.
Display the speaker’s screen in a large size.
For a one-on-one meeting, your video will be displayed at the top, and videos of other participants will be displayed below.


Gallery view

Using the gallery view, you can view up to 25 participants at a time, and an arrow is displayed to scroll the remaining participants.

  1.   Click Gallery View in the upper right corner of the Zoom window to enter Gallery View.

This changes the screen to the gallery view. It does not change unless other participants also select the gallery view.

  1. Click [Speaker View] to cancel the gallery view and make it a speaker view.


Mini window

You can use the mini-window to minimize the Zoom video, but keep it on top of other open applications on your computer. You can move the window around the screen or hide the entire video as needed.


Click the minimize icon to switch to the mini window view. Upper right for Windows, upper left for Mac.


Once in mini-window mode, you can hide the video by clicking the left arrow Hide Video.


Click the right arrow [Exit Minimized Video] to exit mini-window mode.



Screen sharing layout

When viewing a screen share, you can view the screen share using the active speaker or gallery view at the top or side of the screen.

Check the screen sharing side more

  • Click the swap icon in the upper right corner of the Zoom window to switch the content of the video feed.
  • Click the icon in the upper right to revert or click Switch to Content.
  •  Switch to left / right view by clicking [Display option]> [Right / left view].


Hide non-video participants

  • When in the gallery view, right-click the participant who is video turned off or dialed by phone, or click the three points in the upper right of the Participant box.
  • Select Hide Non-Video Participants to hide all users whose videos are turned off.


  • To show non-video participants again, click Total Non-Video Participants at the top of the screen and select Show Non-Video Participants.