How Do I Update My Billing Contact in Zoom App?

How Do I Update My Billing Contact?

You can update your account’s billing contact information through the Zoom web portal, which is accessible to both account owners and administrators. Typically, an account has two billing contacts associated with it:

  • Bill to:
  •  You will receive a bill from this contact if you have paid for the subscription by this account
  • Sold to:
  •   There is a high probability that the person who pays for a subscription will have access to it and use it as well.
Note :

Invoice notifications and payments will be sent to both contacts if the bill to and sold to contacts are the same.

Prerequisites for updating a billing contact

  • If you are the owner of the account, the administrator of the account, or have billing access,


Log in to the Zoom web portal by using your email address and password.

  • Choose Billing from the Account Management page.

  • From the Account Information page, click on Billing.
  • On the Billing page, you will find a section called Edit.
  • There you will be able to update your contact information.
  •  When you add additional email addresses in the Additional Email Addresses section, you will receive emails notifying you when invoices are posted to those additional addresses. There will be only notifications sent to the email address provided here regarding newly posted invoices, however, the Billing Contact and Sold To Contact will receive all notifications regarding billing issues.
  • Please click the Save Changes button.
Note :

The billing address associated with your payment card can be updated by heading over to the Payment Methods section and clicking the update button. Please follow the instructions on the page to update your payment method.