How to Add and Manage Contacts in Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

In the All Contacts section of the Zoom contact directory, you can find internal users that you have added to the same Zoom account and organisation. In order to avoid that users in the same Zoom account and organization can see the names of everyone on the account and organization, administrators/owners of Zoom Pro or higher accounts can turn off the setting Company Contacts in IM settings.

Account administrators and owners can also decide whether their users will be able to add or chat with outside contacts.

Zoom users from outside of Zoom can be added as contacts if you specify their email address. The moment they accept your contact request, you will be able to chat, share files and images, and meet as soon as you approve the request. There will be an email invitation sent to those who have not registered for a Zoom account, if you add their email address.

You can also connect another Zoom account with another third-party service, sync your contacts with a third-party service, or use the Zoom app on your phone to view your phone’s contacts. It is also possible to use a channel to communicate with a group. By default, direct messages can only be sent to channel members if they are already in your contact directory.


Your external contacts can be viewed and removed by the administrator.




When adding Zoom user as a contact

  • You can start the meeting soon.
  • You can start chatting immediately and share images and files.

You need to approve your own contact request.

This page explains how to add and approve contacts.


  • Zoom account
  • PC, Mac, Linux Zoom Client
  • Zoom app on iOS or Android

How to add contacts

The procedure is the same for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  1. Log in to the Zoom client.
  2. Click [Directory] (Contacts) .

Click Add Contact  .

Enter one email address at a time.

  1. Click Add Contact .
  2. Repeat this to add more contacts.
  3. You can add multiple contacts at once by clicking Copy Invitation and sending by email.

Contact approval

To start a meeting or chat with your contacts right away, you need to approve the request.

  1. Log in to the Zoom client.
  2. Click [Chat]  .

Click [System Notification]  .

Click Accept to add this contact to the list.

This contact is displayed on the “Contacts” screen of “Other Contacts” for both users .

How to add contacts on Mobile (iOS, Android)

Sign in to the Zoom app.

  1. Tap Contacts .

Tap  [+] .

Tap Add Contact .

Enter one email address at a time.

  1. Click Save  .
  2. Repeat this to add more contacts.

Contact approval

If you want to add a contact and start a meeting or chat immediately, you need to approve the request.


  • Log in to the Zoom app.



  1. Tap [System Notification] .

Tap the check mark [ ✓ to approve the contact.

  1. This contact will appear in the contact list of both users.



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