How to Customize the meeting schedule email template in Zoom App

How to customize the meeting schedule email template

Participants are notified by email shortly after a meeting has been scheduled by the meeting host. To change the subject line of the email and the body of the message, you can customize the meeting schedule email template.

Note :
Owners and admins of accounts can make sure that sub accounts use the same branding settings as their parents’ accounts. It will not be possible for these sub-accounts to change their own branding settings in their own accounts.

Prerequisites for customizing the meeting schedule email template

  • Accounts for Businesses, Schools, and Enterprises
  • Access to account ownership and admin rights
  • Access to Vanity URLs
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS by the IT administrator
  • You must enable the Use HTML format email for Outlook plugin setting in the Outlook add-in or plugin settings for you to use the HTML email template in the Outlook add-in or plugin.

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How to access the meeting schedule email template

There is a plain text version of the email template for the meeting schedule as well as a HTML version. It is only necessary to use the HTML template if you are using an Outlook Add-in and an Outlook Plugin (desktop apps or web apps). There is a plain text template that is applicable to all clients, mobile apps, and most add-ins and extensions of the Outlook client (unless otherwise specified).

  1. Log in to the Zoom web portal by entering your account information.
  2. From the left-hand navigation menu, click Advanced then Branding.
  3. From the left-hand navigation menu, click Emails.
  4. You will see a list of all the emails you need to edit.
    The two tabs below are for each of the different email templates:

    • Plain Text tab: In order to set up a meeting through a desktop application, mobile app, and most add-ins/extensions (however, not the Outlook add-in and plugin), an email template will be used.
    • HTML Format tab: If you use the Outlook add-in (desktop or web app) or Outlook plugin (desktop only) to schedule a meeting, the email template is what is sent to your attendees to confirm the meeting time and place. Click here or on the picture for more information.
    • Note :
      When the Outlook add-in is used, the template’s email subject line will not be included. An anonymous subject line will appear with your display name followed by Zoom Meeting followed by a generic subject line. 
  5. The email template can be modified with custom variables.
  6. To preview the way the template appears to the recipient, click Preview.
  7. In order to save the template, click Apply Changes.
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Support for HTML and CSS for the Outlook add-in HTML template

HTML tags

a, b, big, blockquote, body, br, button, center, cite, code, col, colgroup, dd, div, dl, dt, em, fieldset, font, form, frame, frameset, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, head, hr, html, i, iframe, img, input, label, legend, li, link, noscript, ol, option, p, pre, samp, select, small, span, strike, strong, style, sub, sup, table, tbody, td, textarea, tfoot, th, thead, tr, u, ul

HTML attributes

abbr, accesskey, align, alt, autocomplete, axis, background, bgcolor, border, cellpadding, cellspacing, char, charoff, class, cols, colspan, disabled, headers, height, href, id, lang, leftmargin, marginheight, marginwidth, media, name, nowrap, onblur, onclick, ondblclick, onfocus, onmousedown, onmouseover, onmouseup, readonly, rows, rowspan, scope, shape, size, style, title, topmargin, valign, width

CSS properties

_moz_resizing, azimuth, background, background- attachment, background-color, background-image, background-position, background-repeat, border, border-bottom, border-bottom-color, border-bottom-left-radius, border-bottom- right-radius, border-bottom-style, border-bottom- width, border-collapse, border-color, border-left, border-left- color, border-left-style, border-left- width, border-radius, border-right, border-right- color, border-right- style, border-right-width, border-spacing, border-style, border-top, border-top- color, border-top- left-radius, border-top-right-radius, border-top- style, border-top- width, border-width, bottom, caption-side, clear, clip, color, counter-increment, cue, cue-after, cue-before, cursor, direction, display, elevation, empty-cells, float, font, font-color, font-family, font-size, font-size- adjust, font-stretch, font-style, font-variant, font-weight, height, left, letter-spacing, line-height, list-style, list-style-image, list-style- position, list-style- type, margin, margin-bottom, margin-left, margin-right, margin-top, marker-offset, marks, max-height, max-width, min-height, min-width, mso-spacerun, orphans, outline, outline-color, outline-style, outline-width, overflow, padding, padding-bottom, padding-left, padding-right, padding-top, page, page-break-after, page-break- before, page-break- inside, pause, pause-after, pause-before, pitch, pitch-range, play-during, position, richness, right, size, speak, speak-header, speak-numeral, speak-punctuation, speech-rate, stress, table-layout, text-align, text-decoration, text-indent, text-shadow, text-transform, top, unicode-bidi, vertical-align, visibility, voice-family, volume, white-space, widows, width, word-break, word-spacing, word-wrap

URL protocols

https, http, ftp, tftp, ftps, sftp, mailto

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Frequently Asked Questions


There is a navigation menu on the left hand side of the screen that invites you to select Account Management then Account Settings from the drop-down menu. To access the Meetings tab, click on it. Click on Edit next to the template you would like to edit under Invitation Email Branding, and then select the one that interests you: Meeting Invite Email- The email that hosts can use to invite attendees to a meeting that is already in progress.
  1. Account details can be accessed by clicking on the Account Management tab in the navigation menu, then clicking the Account Settings tab. …
  2. Select the Meeting tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Choose Email Branding from the Promotional Emails section in the Contact section, and then click on Edit under the email template that you wish to modify. …
  4. Then click the Apply Changes button and then click Done to complete the process.
Access the Zoom web portal by logging in to your Zoom account. Select Meetings from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. By clicking on the Meeting Templates tab on the left side of the screen, you will be able to access the meeting templates. You have the option of viewing or deleting a number of templates that you have saved on this page, as well as scheduling a meeting using a template that you have saved. There is a number of options that you have on this page.

The ability to customize the branding of meeting invitations by using email templates

Access the Zoom web portal by logging in to the account you created. If you click on the Advanced menu item, then you will be able to choose Branding. You will find a section called Meetings at the bottom of the page. The invitation email or meeting schedule email can be edited at any time by simply clicking the Edit link beside it when you are asked to edit it.

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The Zoom Account Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs
  1. Click on the Zoom application icon that depicts your name, then select Change My Picture from the menu that appears. In your internet browser, you will be able to access the Zoom web portal.
  2. The Zoom web portal allows you to view your profile by logging in to the Zoom web portal and clicking the “My profile” button.
  3. The user image can be changed by clicking the Change button underneath it.
  4. Navigate to the image you would like to upload, then click the Upload button.

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