How to dial-in ensuring accessible numbers in Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

You can access Zoom dial-in numbers by either subscribing to an audio conferencing program or by selecting from a list of the dial-in numbers that have been provided by ZOOM. You can make sure that you and your participants will be able to dial in to each other’s meetings before you start your meeting if you are the host. If you are invited to a meeting, you will find out which phone numbers you can dial to attend the meeting by checking the invitation. The rate you will have to pay for using a toll number to join a Zoom meeting depends on the rates you are charged by your phone company.

How to check what dial-in numbers are available to you as a host

  1. Please sign in to
  2. While logged in, go to
  3. This page provides you with the option of viewing which numbers are available when hosting for your viewers. Anyone who wants to participate in your meeting can use these numbers.
  4. You can also purchase an audio conferencing plan, if you wish to obtain access to additional numbers, such as free toll-free numbers for additional countries, or toll-based numbers for additional countries.

How to determine if your dial-in number is toll-free when you are a participant

In Zoom Meeting invitations, by default, “Toll Free” is added in parentheses before the phone number in order to show you which numbers are toll-free.

It is less likely that it is a toll-free number if you do not see a parenthesis after the dial-in number.

It is possible for the host to customize the invitations to a meeting. Ensure the host of your teleconference knows that the dial-in number is toll-free by confirming with the host of the meeting.