How to improve video calls with zoom, to hear and see the meeting participants better, without cuts, slowness, drops, or connection problems

We are going here to give you some very simple tricks that work, on how to improve video calls with zoom, in order to hear and see the participants better, the whole meeting without slowness, without drops, and without connection problems, so that the meeting flows a lot better and so that all attendees can hear each other at the same time and without interruptions.

How to improve video calling with zoom, introduction

To have a better video call with zoom, you must have a stable, fast and latency-free connection to the Internet, a lot of data is transmitted over the network at the same time in a video xat, in addition, all that data has to go very fast because they are in time real and among many computers at the same time, if there is some data that is slower everything goes to hell, since the desynchronizations and typical problems begin, such as:

  • In zoom, I can’t hear all the assistants at the same time.
  • In zoom, it cuts out while I speak and they don’t understand me.
  • In zoom, the meetings are cut continuously, and I have to go back in.
  • It constantly pulls me out of the zoom meeting.
  • In zoom the video signal looks bad and pixelated, the participants do not see me well.
  • It won’t connect me to the zoom meeting.


How to improve video calling with zoom, solution

The solution to improve zoom video calls is to use ethernet cable network connections, since cable connections are always better than Wi-Fi, they are faster, more stable, and with much less latency, this is the real key to achieving Better video calls with zoom.

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Therefore, the idea is to make the zoom meetings with a PC and connected to our router directly by ethernet cable, nothing to use the mobile phone for videoconferences, since the mobile uses Wi-Fi and that can cause all kinds of problems in the video call, you have to use yes or yes a computer and a cable connection.

What if my PC is far from my router? In that case, you have to use a PLC or Powerline Adapter to extend the coverage. A PLC uses electrical cables to send the router connected to your PC, so you still have a cable connection between the router and your PC, no matter how far away they are, and also with the maximum possible stability and speed.

So using a PLC to connect the PC to the router is a good idea:

  1. Connect the PLC1 to the router by network cable, also connect it to an outlet near the router.
  2. Connect the PlC2 to the PC by network cable, also connect it to a socket near the PC.
  3. Synchronize PLC1 and PLC2by pressing the synchronization button provided by each one of them.

What if the PC and router are on different floors? In that case, it is better to use a mesh wifi system, such as the Linksys Velop, these systems create stable mesh wifi throughout the house, they can cover more than 500 square meters, with this solution you also get a stable connection to improve Zoom video calls, yes, wifi mesh is much more expensive than PLC.

With the Linksys Velop, you also have the option of connecting the PC by network cable, since each device of the wifi mesh has a network connector, therefore, it is similar to using a PLC, with the difference that the signal travels through wifi In mesh, instead of traveling through the electrical system of the house, the result is the same, you get much better zoom video calls.