How to Invite others by phone (call out) in Zoom

Inviting others by phone (call out)

A call out is a way for participants in a meeting or webinar to be able to join by phone (another name for this is “call my name”).

Prerequisites for inviting others to a meeting by phone

  • I have a Pro or above account with HostGator
  • HostGator
  • HostGator, and I have subscribed to their Audio Plan add-on
  • This option is enabled either at the account level, the group level, or the user level
  • The meeting or webinar role for which you have access has the ability to use audio call-out to join the meeting or webinar by phone

Note: If the call-out numbers in your account have been blocked by your phone company, then you may need to change them. Whenever there is a Zoom number for the US, it will always use the dedicated number of +1-646-568-7788. Whenever Zoom is calling an international number, the numbers will appear in the list in ascending order of the web portal. It means that if it is not possible to get hold of the first number on the list, the second number on the list will be used. There is a possibility that Zoom will use the dedicated US number, +1-646-568-7788, should none of the numbers assigned to the country of respect be available.

How to invite participants to a meeting using the call out feature

Windows | macOS

Note: If you are a participant in a meeting, you will not be able to connect to international numbers until the host has joined the session.

  1. Join the Zoom Desktop Client by logging in with your email address and password.
  2. You will then be able to start a meeting or join an existing one.
  3. Go to Meeting Controls and click Participants.
  4. When the participants panel appears at the bottom, click Invite.
  5. Select Call Out on the left and enter the following information in the box.
    • Invitee name: Please enter a display name that will be displayed to other participants as the invitee’s display name.
    • Country/Region: If you wish to select the country code of the invitatione’s phone number, please do so.
    • Phone Number: Please input the invitee’s telephone number.
      Remember: If you are dialing a phone number that has an extension, you need to start typing a hyphen “-” before the phone number and then enter the extension number. The extension 156 is dialed when the extension number is 6032331333-156, for instance.
    • Invite Options
      • Require greeting before being connected: As soon as the invitee joins the meeting the meeting will begin with a generic greeting.
      • Require pressing 1 before being connected: When inviting someone to join the meeting, give them the option of pressing 1 prior to connecting.
        NOTE: Both this and the previous option are necessary. If you would like to change or disable either of them, please contact Zoom Customer Service.
  6. Click on the Call.

Android | iOS

Note: If you are a participant in a meeting, you will not be able to connect to international numbers until the host has joined the session.

  1. Sign up for the Zoom mobile app by entering your email address and password.
  2. Join or start a meeting using the Zoom mobile app.
  3. From the meeting controls, tap the Participant tab.
  4. You will find an Invite button on the participants page.
  5. You will then need to tap on the Invite By Phone button.
  6. By entering the phone number manually or selecting a phone contact, you will be able to invite someone to the meeting:
    • Invitee name: Enter a display name for the invitee to display to other participants.
    • Country/Region: You will need to enter the local phone number of the invitee in the country code field.
    • Phone Number: Please provide the contact information of the invitee.
      Note: You will need to enter the extension after typing the hyphen “-” after the phone number if you are calling a number with an extension. For example, the extension 156 can be called by dialing 6032331333-156.
    • If you want to make a call, you can also tap the contacts icon and choose a contact by phone. Then, zoom will receive access to your contact list with the appropriate permissions. Zoom will automatically populate those fields with the information about your contacts.
  7. Then click on Call.