How to join zoom meeting before the host

The “Join Before Host” feature allows attendees to join a meeting before the host joins. In other words, participants can join the meeting without a host.


Enable join before host 

Enable join before host for all members of the organization

You can set this account if you have account owner or administrator privileges.

  • Log in to the Zoom web portal and click Account Settings.

  • [ Meeting Go to the tab, the participation of the previous host, and to] the on (blue).
  • (Optional) To require this setting for all users in your account, click Lock and Lock.

Set for members of a specific group

It can be set if you have the account owner or administrator privileges.

  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal and click Group Management.
  • Click the name of the group and then click the Group Settings tab.

  • Go to the Meetings tab and check Join Before Host.

Note: If the option is grayed out, it is locked at the account level. You need to make changes at the account level.

  1. (Optional) To make this setting mandatory for all users in this group, click the lock icon and click Lock  to confirm the setting.

Personal settings

If you enable joining before the host in the meeting settings, you can uncheck it yourself when scheduling the meeting.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal and click My Meeting Settings .
  2. Enable the Join Host Before option on the Meetings tab.Note: If the option is grayed out, it is locked at the group level or account level and you need to contact your Zoom administrator.

How to enable the “Join before host” feature when creating a schedule

Windows, Mac, Linux

  • Open the Zoom application and log in to Zoom.
  •  Click the Schedule icon.

  • The scheduler window will open and you can select the meeting settings.
  • Click on Advanced Options.
  • Check [ Enable participation before host .

  • Click schedule.

Note: Even for scheduled meetings, you can turn on attendance before the host by editing the meeting.

  1. Click [Meeting] at the top of the Zoom client.
  2. Place the cursor on the meeting you want to turn on and click Edit .
  3. Click [ Advanced Options ] , check [ Enable participation before host ] and click [ Save ].


iOS · Android

  • Select  [ Schedule ] on the Zoom app home screen .

  • Click on Advanced Options .
  • Before allowed to join from the host switch to turn on.
  • Click [ Finish ].

Notes on turning on join before host

  • If the host is not logged in, there is no
    host control even though it is a host.
    Leave the meeting and log in to the Zoom application.
    Start the meeting again from the meeting list.
  • If the host is not in
    a meeting, host controls such as recording, mute / unmute everyone, lock the meeting, and remove attendees are not available.
  •  If one meeting is in progress and someone tries to start a second meeting scheduled by the same host (with the “Join in front of host” feature on)
    • The
      second meeting starts when Zoom Room starts, and the first meeting ends without warning.
    • If the host
      starts You will be given the option to end the first meeting and start the second meeting.
    • When a participant starts The
      participant receives a message that the host is already joining another meeting.
  • If [ Standby Room ] is selected in the meeting settings, the
    Join Before Host feature is disabled in the meeting.
  • If you want to record a meeting without being a host
    , you need to turn on [ Auto Record (Auto Record) ] for the meeting .

When the “Join before host” function is off

Participants will see a pop-up message saying “Please wait for the host to join this meeting.”

The host has a button to log in as a host and start when you start a meeting.


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