How to record without the host in Zoom

You may choose to have an alternate participant start a recording if you use join before host to allow your participants to join the meeting before or without the host.

Prerequisites for recording without the host

  • Record automatically in the cloud

Local Recording without the Host

Local Recordings can only be initiated by the host by default. It is the host’s responsibility to make sure that another participant is permitted to record the meeting during the meeting, if that participant wishes to record.

In order for the host to be able to get recording permission from the other participant, or for the host to be able to set up the participant as an alternative host, the host must join the meeting. It will automatically join as an alternative host and start the recording for you if someone who has scheduling privileges for you has joined as an alternative.

Cloud Recording without the Host

For accounts enabled for Cloud Recording, you can follow the steps below to record a meeting without the host’s presence: If Cloud Recording is enabled for your account, you can record a meeting as follows:

  1. Make sure the meeting is automatically recorded on the cloud
  2. during the meeting scheduling process by selecting the option Enable Join before Host during meeting scheduling

The recording will begin automatically when the first participant joins the meeting without the host allowing them to see the meeting in the recording. It is possible to access the recordings saved by the host on his/her My Recordings page.


This article answers:

  • Does the host have to be present when a meeting is recorded?

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I record a zoom meeting without the permission of the host for free?

How to Record Zoom Meeting without permission?

Step 1

Get started with Vmaker on your system as soon as you join your Zoom meeting

Step 2

You can select the type of screen you want to use

Step 3

Choose the audio input that you want to use

Step 4

In order to make your recording more clear, you should set the resolution to the highest possible

Step 5

Please click the “Start Recording” button or press the hotkey ⌘^1 to begin the recording process

Step 6

If you want to record system audio in Zoom, you need to enable “Same as System”

Step 7

You can stop recording by clicking the red arrow or the dock button at the bottom of the screen

Will Zoom host know if I screen record?

How Can I Tell If Zoom Is Making a Recording? Whenever a meeting is being recorded, Zoom will notify participants via email or phone. Disabling this notification is not possible. Participants will see a recording consent disclaimer on their screens if they connect to either a desktop client or a mobile app for the session.

How do I record Zoom lectures without permission?

It is only possible to record a Zoom meeting using a third-party tool, such as Loom, which can be used to record sessions without the host knowing. Screen recorders can be used instead of Zoom’s recording capabilities, as the host will be alerted if you try to use Zoom’s recording feature

Will Zoom recording stop if host leaves?

During the recording, the host must remain in the main room. There will be a gap in the recording if the host leaves the main room, so viewers will see an empty screen with no audio. Recording will resume immediately when the host returns.

Can I record myself on Zoom without a meeting?

You can use Zoom without video by opening the application and clicking on Start without Video. Click Start with Video if you want to use your webcam along with your desktop or on its own. Zoom will record your PC’s microphone when you click on Join Audio Conference by Computer.

How do I record a Zoom meeting with third party software?

How to Use a Third-Party Screen Recording App With Zoom

  1. Launch VideoSolo.

  2. Select Video Recorder from the menu.

  3. Start recording your screen by clicking Record. Click Output settings to the left of Record to adjust the file quality and type.

  4. Finish recording by clicking Stop.

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