How to schedule a zoom webinar that requires registration

Benefits of scheduling webinars that require registration

  • Information can be collected in advance via registration customization .
  • You can automatically approve all registered people or manually approve attendees.
  • You can configure the host to send an email each time someone registers.
  • You can limit the number of registrants.
    Note: If the number of registered users exceeds the limit, registration can not be performed at all.
  • You can display the social share button on the registration page.
  • You can record the number of visitors to your website or the number of visitors to your webinar ad

Before webinar registration

  • Purchase a webinar plan for 100, 500, 1000 and 3000 participants
  • Host user type is Pro user and webinar license is assigned
  • The Zoom application is running version 3.0 or later

Webinar registration procedure

    • Topic ]: Select the topic / name of the webinar.
    • Description ]: Enter any description of webinars – this is displayed on the registration page.
    • Use a Template ]: If you have created a webinar template , you can select one to apply to this new webinar.
    • Date and time ]: Select the date and time of the webinar.
    • Duration : Select a rough time required for the webinar. This is for scheduling only. The webinar does not end when this time passes.
    • Time Zone ]: By default, Zoom the  profile uses the time zone that has been sent in. Click the drop down to select another time zone.
    • Regular meetings Webinar ]: Put a check mark in the case of regularly held webinars. In other words, the same webinar ID is used for each session. This opens additional options for the iteration.
      • Regular ]: Select the repetition frequency of webinars. Daily, weekly, monthly or no fixed time. You can repeat up to 50 times. If you need to repeat more than 50 times, use the No Fixed Time option. The registration webinar can not be scheduled without a fixed time.
      • The Repeat on Next option depends on how often the webinar repeats. You can set the webinar to end the webinar after a set number of times, or to end the periodic webinar on a specific date.
    • Public Events list : the account  public event list  If you have enabled, select this option, you can include a webinar on the list.
    • Registration ]: Check to make registration required.
    • Host Video ]: at the time of participation in the webinar, you select whether you want to host the video on or off. The host has the option to start the video, even if it is off.
    • Panelists ]: at the time of participation in the webinar, and choose whether to turn on or off the participant’s video. If you choose Off, the panelist can not turn on the video unless you change this setting in the webinar.
    • Audio Options ]: Phone only, computer audio only, both the telephone and the computer audio or a  third-party audio  using the (if enabled in the account), or users to make phone calls Choose whether or not.
    • Webinar password  ]: Here, you choose a password, you can enter. Participants must enter this password before joining the webinar. This is included in the registration confirmation email.
    • Q & A ]: Check if you want to use the Q & A panel in the webinar. Details are here .
    • Practice session ]: Check if you want to start the webinar in a practice session instead of live distribution. Details are here .
    • Advanced Options ]: Click the arrow to display the webinar additional options.
      • Schedule For ]: If you have a schedule creation rights of another user, you can select the user to set a schedule from the drop-down. The user also needs to have a Pro license and a webinar license. Click here for details on the schedule creation authority .
      • Alternate Host ]: Enter the email address of another Zoom user with a PRO license in the host’s account so that the webinar can be started when the host is absent. About alternative hosts .
  • Click Schedule .
  •  The webinar has been scheduled. Scroll down to the bottom of the webinar details page,
    invite participants to refer to the registration option that is under].
  • A list of automatic or manual approvals appears next to the approval. If a list of manual approvals is displayed, click Edit on the right.


From here, the procedure differs for automatic approval and manual approval.

 Automatic Approval Webinar

  • Select Automatic Approval .

  • Click Save All .
  • You can copy the registration URL or invitation and share it with the attendees.

Webinar of manual approval

  •  Select Manual Approval .


  • Click Save All.
  • You can copy the registration URL or invitation and share it with the attendees.
  • Once the attendees are registered , return to the  webinarpage.
  • Click the webinar’s name to view the details.
  •  Select Edit to the right of Manage Participants .
  • Select a user and Approve or Reject.
    You can select multiple registrants to approve or reject at one time.
    If approved, you will receive an email with information on how to join the webinar.

If you want to reject the webinar registrant or if you approve the rejected registrant

  1. Select the webinar registrants you want to use today from the approved list and click Cancel Registration.
  2. A dialog for sending a registration cancellation email pops up.
  3. Click [Send] to send a registration cancellation email to the registrant.
  4. If you cancel here, you can not cancel the registrant.
  5. On the Reject / Block tab, you can see the rejected participants.
  6. You can also [Approve] the rejected participant again.

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Frequently Asked Question


When you schedule a meeting that requires registration, you’ll be able to collect more information about your attendees, since participants will need to provide their e-mail address, name, and other optional information in order to register for the meeting, as well as provide their name and contact information.
To access the Zoom website, sign in with your Zoom account credentials. In order to set up a web based webinar, you have to go to the Account Management section of the navigation menu and then click on Webinar Settings . If you wish to charge a registration fee, you should click the Edit button next to the option to allow this. Check the box next to Allow registration fee to be charged.
The panelists who wish to participate in this webinar as a panelist need to use their unique join link and use their email address associated with their panelist position when they log in to their Zoom account. They can use either the desktop or mobile versions of Zoom to access the webinar.
If you schedule a Zoom meeting with registration required, participants will be able to fill out their email address, first name and last name, as well as other questions necessary in order to register for the meeting. Having your attendees register will enable you to capture a greater amount of information about them.
To add questions to the registration page of your site, click the Custom Questions button located in the Registration window. If you would like to ask a question, click the New Question button. There are three types of questions you can ask: a short answer, a one-answer question, or a multiple-answer question. Make sure to choose one of them. The question should be checked to see if it is required to be asked.

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