How to secure zoom screen sharing

While you are doing the video call, you can also share your desktop, your screen, or other content with your team during the meeting. It is possible to manage advanced settings related to screen sharing when you share your screen in a meeting.

Zoom screen sharing is designed with collaboration in mind and is designed to enable screen sharing during Zoom meetings. As a result of this feature, only the participants who choose to share their screen with other meeting participants will find that they have the capacity to control their own screen and what is visible to them. It’s also important to keep in mind that meeting hosts are not able to monitor your screen activity unless you choose to share your display.

Is it possible for the host to see what I’m doing on my screen?

Your screen cannot be viewed by hosts or other meeting participants without your permission or without your knowledge. Whenever you are part of a Zoom meeting, you are unable to see your computer screen and neither can the host and other participants. If you are joining a meeting and do not choose to muffle your microphone or turn your video off when invited to participate, they can only view and hear your video.

It is possible to share your screen with the host and other participants during Zoom meetings. Participants and hosts can only see one participant’s screen in a shared meeting if the host shares their screen with all participants. It is necessary to click or tap Share Screen in the meeting controls if you wish to share your screen or content with others. During the screen share, the only user who has manual control over the screen is the one who wants to share it.

When I share my screen with the host, what will the host see?

Through the Basic, Advanced, or Files options, Zoom gives you the option to share your screen in multiple ways.

Screen sharing allows you to share the following when you select it as a share option:

When you share the entire screen with the attendees, you are able to show them all the things you are seeing on your desktop, including everything you need to look at on your mobile device or if you are accessing applications. It is not always possible for the host or participants to see the installed applications on your desktop or mobile device when you are not screen sharing, and what you are doing on your device is not always visible to them.

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If I share my screen with the host, is it possible for the host to open the apps or files?

If you are sharing the screen with other participants, the host and the participants will not have the ability to access any of your desktop or mobile applications or files. You can control your screen through screen sharing only if you wish to do so. The host and other meeting participants can only see what you choose to be visible on your screen.

In addition to being able to take control of a participant’s screen if you enable remote control and give remote control access to your device, the remote control feature is also capable of taking control of a screen which is shared between two members of the team. A participant who is remote can either give you control of the screen or you can request remote control of a participant’s screen. Once you have received permission, you can control their mouse and keyboard, and even copy text from their computer to your computer. The Remote Support feature can be used to revert the computer of another participant if you require admin functionality, such as the ability to restart their computer. Using the Remote Control feature, you may only permit another participant to access files and programs by granting them access to remote control.

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I want to find out if my screen is shared. How can I tell if this is the case? When I choose to screen share, can I tell what is being shared with me?

Windows | macOS | Linux

There will be a green border around the portion of the screen that you share when you do so. A panel will also appear in the bottom right corner of your screen that you can drag around to access meeting controls and a green screen sharing message box and a Stop Sharing button will appear below it.

Click the Stop Share button if you want to stop sharing your screen.



On Android mobile devices, you will be alerted by a notification displaying when you start working with a screen share. This notification indicates what the screen share will be able to access. Your Android device’s screen will display an icon that indicates screen sharing is underway in the notification bar, which will appear at the top of your screen. On the screen you will also see meeting controls which will allow you to share your screen with other participants.

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For iOS devices, when you begin to screen share, the iOS system will display a notification informing you of what the screen share will have access to. If you start the screen sharing process, a Screen Broadcast icon will appear in the status bar of your iOS device at the top of the screen, showing that you are going to share the screen. When the Zoom mobile app is opened, a screen sharing page will appear. A screen sharing control will also be available at the bottom of the screen for those who wish to share their screens.

Frequently Asked Question


The Security > Lock meeting option allows you to lock the meeting in order to practice without being interrupted during the session, and this can be done as long as you abide by the meeting settings.
Ensure that participants are not able to share their screens during the meeting

The advanced sharing options are available by clicking the arrow next to the Share Screen option in the host controls. You will find this information under Who has access to the file? Select Only Host from the drop-down menu. Click on the close button to close the window.


At the bottom of your Zoom window you will find a Security icon that you just need to click on. On the pop-up that appears, you will then need to click the lock icon next to the name of the meeting in order to lock the meeting. Specify a meeting passcode while scheduling your meeting and set up a process that requires a passcode to be entered by everybody in the meeting. This information can be shared with the respective attendees in a private manner.
Locking a meeting is one of the easiest ways to make it more secure
  1. Click the Manage Participants tab once you have entered the Zoom meeting.
  2. Located in the lower right-hand corner of the Manage Participant window, you will find the button with the three dots that can be clicked to access it, you can find it on the button with the three dots.
  3. You can lock the meeting by selecting the option to lock the meeting from the list that will appear after you open the drop-down menu. When a meeting is locked, no one will be allowed to participate in it.
By starting a Zoom meeting or webinar, you can give everyone the opportunity to host their own meeting or webinar. The One-to-Many Share Screen button can be found in the meeting controls toolbar if you select the Upward Arrow to the right of it, and then select the Multiple participants can share simultaneously button that appears when the button is clicked. Multi-participant sharing of screens at the same time is possible by using this feature.
If I record my screen, will Zoom be able to tell that I have done so? The Zoom meeting will not be able to detect screen capture if you are using a third-party app to record your Zoom meeting. Participants will receive a notification when you start or stop recording your meeting if you’re using Zoom’s in-built recording feature.
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