How to Start the Zoom desktop client

Starting the Zoom desktop client

The Zoom web portal allows you to start and schedule meetings through the zoom web portal, however you may also open the Zoom application to schedule and initiate meetings directly. Further, in addition to accessing the Zoom application to set certain in-app settings, such as a Virtual Background, the audio/video settings, you should also ensure that you are able to access the Zoom application in order to make use of certain features/settings within it as well.

There is a distinct difference between Zoom’s desktop client and its mobile app compared to Zoom’s web portal and desktop client. Zoom’s web portal has been designed so that meeting settings and Zoom Phones can be tweaked by navigating the Zoom web portal. Additionally, a user can also customize their profile settings via the Zoom web portal.

Prerequisites for starting the Zoom desktop client

  • The latest version of the Zoom desktop client is available for download


Using the right-click menu, choose the Pin to Taskbar option you find under the Pin to Taskbar menu of the Zoom desktop client. It is possible to pin the Zoom desktop client on all versions of Windows.

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 7




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