How to Troubleshoot Zoom video crashes

Troubleshooting Zoom video crashes

There are some quick fixes you can perform to fix the problem of Zoom video not responding or your camera crashing during a meeting. Zoom video conferencing problems are often caused by incorrect settings on the device or because competing applications are interfering with the audio. If you are experiencing any video or camera issues during your Zoom Meetings, this guide will walk you through what to do in order to resolve them.

Prerequisites for diagnosing Zoom video crashes

  • There is a desktop client for Zoom available for download
  • along with a mobile app for Zoom

Various video settings should be adjusted if you haven’t completed the test yet in order to make sure the correct camera has been selected.

How to troubleshoot video and camera problems on desktop or mobile

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

An effective method of diagnosing and solving problems with video and camera can be done by using a mobile device

  • Android
  • iOS

To resolve any issues that you may be experiencing with your camera, we recommend downloading the most recent Zoom version from our Download Center or calling Zoom support for assistance.