How to Use the Salesforce integration in Zoom

By integrating Zoom and Salesforce, businesses will be able to start and schedule meetings directly through Salesforce’s CRM. Set up Zoom meetings with leads quickly and see the scheduled Zoom meetings you have scheduled with them.

Zoom Marketplace and the Salesforce AppExchange are available as options through which customers can access the Salesforce Integration.

This article is aimed at providing an overview of Salesforce from both a setting up perspective and a guide on how to utilize this integration from a user point of view.

Prerequisites for salesforce integration

  • We offer four types of partnership plans: Pro, Business, Education, and API
  • Integration for access to the REST API

Salesforce integration guides

  • Salesforce Zoom App Admin Guide
  • Salesforce Zoom App User Guide
  • Salesforce Zoom App for Webinars
  • Zoom Phone for Salesforce Admin Guide
  • Zoom Phone for Salesforce User Guide