How to Use the Workplace Bot in Zoom App

You can now start an instant meeting or join an existing scheduled meeting quickly through the Workplace by Facebook Zoom Bot integration. Zoom will now appear as a meeting source in any Workplace by Facebook meeting.

In this article, we will go over how to configure a bot in Workplace accounts that already have a bot in place. You should read How to Get Started with the Workplace Zoom Bot, if you have not configured the Workplace Bot yet.

Prerequisites for using the Workplace Bot

  • The Zoom Pro plan, the Zoom Business plan, the Zoom Education plan, or the Zoom API plan
  • All require a Workplace by Facebook account to use
  • Accounts configured to work with the Zoom bot – you can get started configuring the bot by reading Getting Started with the Zoom Bot for Workplace

How to use the Workplace Zoom Bot in group chat

In order for the Workplace Zoom Bot to provide meeting information to all members of a group chat, it is important that this process occurs. When you enter the command @zoom help you will see a list of all the available commands.

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In Group Chats, type @zoom in the appropriate box to initiate a meeting or join an existing meeting. You can start a meeting without any topic, start a meeting with any topic, or join an existing meeting.

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How to use the meeting summary and recording link

In the event that the meeting is recorded in the cloud, the Bot will also post a summary of the meeting and a link to access the recording. You can disable this option in your Zoom profile so it will not be posted if your Personal Meeting ID was used for the meeting. Otherwise, it will be posted if your Personal Meeting ID was used for the meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions


Click on the Zoom App Marketplace in the top-right corner of the screen, and then select Develop from the dropdown menu in the top-right corner, and then select Build App to start the registration process for your app. There will be a page that displays different types of apps that can be installed. Make sure the Chatbot type is selected when you click on Create as the type of app you wish to create.

Create a chatbot that receives webhooks from incoming webhooks

Open the Zoom desktop application and log in using your Zoom username and password. To open the chat window, click the tab labelled Chat. You can find Incoming Webhook in BOTS by searching for it. Moreover, you can opt for a chat channel in which you wish to receive messages in order to receive them in order to do so.

By integrating Zoom with your desktop, mobile device, or conference room, you will be able to convert a chat into a video call, no matter where you are, and on any device you are using. There is the option for a group admin to broadcast Zoom meetings/webinars to a Workplace group live. The Workplace can be viewed and commented upon by participants.
In this paper, we will create a simple zoom bot in Python which will be able to automatically attend Zoom meetings with the help of Python selenium and Python autogui with the support of Python.
With the help of a Python script, you can automatically join Zoom meetings
  1. The Selenium framework as well as Pyautogui need to be installed. …
  2. It’s time to open Zoom and get the information you need. …
  3. The Elements of a Web Page. Finding the elements of a web page. …
  4. To type the passcode, you should use Pyautogui to do so.
If you wish to remove a bot from a channel, the best way to do so would be by clicking the More options button under the More options button to locate the channel name and then clicking Manage team. It is possible to remove the bot from your account by clicking on the button that will allow you to delete it from your account. There will be an Uninstall Delete button next to the bot’s name in the Apps tab, which will remove the bot from your system when you click on it. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and I appreciate your understanding.

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