How to invite others to the meeting in Zoom App





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Invitation to instant meeting

  1. While in a meeting, you can click the Invite tab of the meeting control to invite others to the meeting during the meeting.
  1. Click [Invite], [Invite by email], [Invite by IM], [Invite Zoom room], [Invite room system ( requires cloud room connector registration required)], [Invite by phone] ( Premium audio registration Choose the option of required).
  2. After selecting each option, invite in the following order.

Invite by email

Choose one of the following three email options:

  1. Selecting [ Default Mail ] opens the default mail application (Outlook, iCal, etc.).
  2. If you select [ Gmail ] or [ Yahoo Mail ], your web browser will open and you will be prompted to log in to your Gmail or Yahoo account.

    If you are already logged in, a new email will be created automatically with the meeting information in the email body.

Invite by IM · Invite Zoom Room



Or search from contacts.


Click the contact you want to invite. You can select multiple contacts.


The selected

contact is displayed

with a blue check mark in the list at the top of the window.


To invite a

Zoom room,

select the Invite Zoom room tab and click the room you want to invite.


  1. Click Invite on the lower right.

Note: For more information on contact features, please visit the Directory (Contacts).

Copy URL or Copy Invitation

If you want to send instant meeting information to other participants, click Copy URL or Copy Invitation .

When you click [Copy URL], the participation link is copied, and participants can join the meeting simply by clicking the URL.

Clicking Copy Invitation copies the entire text of the invitation. Paste the copied invitation by selecting “Ctrl + V” key for PC, “command + V” key for Mac, or right-click “Paste”.

Invitation to a scheduled meeting

Schedule a meeting from My Meetings or Client / Application.

You can copy the invitation and notify participants.

Copy invitation from client / app




  1. Click Meeting at the bottom of the application window.

Place the cursor on the meeting where you want to invite others, and click Copy Invitation.

  1. Click to copy the meeting invitation and paste it anywhere you want to email or send.

Copy the invitation from the web

  1. Log in to My Meetings .
  2. Click on the topic of the meeting.
  3.  [ Time to next], you have the option to add to the calendar.
    • Click [ Google Calendar ] or [ Yahoo Calendar ] to automatically create calendar events for the selected email service.
    • When you click [ Outlook Calendar ], an .ics file is created and can be imported into Outlook Calendar.
  4. Copy of the invitation by clicking on the text that says, you can also copy the meeting information manually.
  • Clicking Copy Invitation opens a separate window that displays the meeting invitation text.
  • Copy the invitation, paste it in an e-mail, etc. and send the invitation

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