Identifying if a CyberData paging device supports assisted provisioning In Zoom App

If you have a certified CyberData paging device, provisioning assistance is available for you. The assisted provisioning (also known as automatic URL provisioning) option does not support some older product lines due to SSL device certificates not being supported. The Zoom web portal will require that older models be added manually as Other/Generic devices. If you need details, please contact CyberData.

How to identify if a CyberData paging device supports assisted provisioning

  1. Connect to the web interface of the CyberData device,
  2. Locate the SSL tab, and click on it.
  3. In order to check if the device supports assisted provisioning, please see the Device Certificate / Client Certificate section:
    • It is not uncommon for the commonName to be equal to (the MAC address of the device) if it supports assisted provisioning.
    • The commonName will be a random name (not a MAC address) if assisted provisioning is not supported. If you manually provision the device, you can specify the device type as Other/Generic and then add the device to the list.