If I want to communicate directly with Zoom from the intranet, what should I enter in the proxy exception settings?

Add zoom.us, * .zoom.us, * .cloudfront.net to your exception settings. No setting is required when direct communication is not performed (via proxy).



Do you have any recommended security software or verified ones?
How many days in advance will I be notified (posted on the relevant website) when performing regular maintenance?
Will I be notified in advance if I perform regular maintenance?
Will users be notified in the event of a failure?
How long does it take to post a web page (email notification) in the event of a failure?
Is there an SLA guarantee?
Is there a guaranteed / target value for the operating rate?
Is your data stored securely?
Is it possible to specify the data storage location (server/data center)?
Are appropriate disaster countermeasures taken at the data storage location (server/data center)?
In what country data center is the recorded data of Zoom stored?
Are recordings stored in the cloud encrypted?
Is the downloaded recording encrypted?
Does the service provider or the service user own the information registered and recorded in the system?
What kind of approval system is SOC2?

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