Instructions on how to take a screenshot of the Zoom conference

Take a photo during a meeting in Zoom, the platform has also developed such a function. But the photo is easy to save using the computer keyboard. More details in this article.

Instructions on how to take a screenshot of the Zoom conference :

  • Be in an online conference and warn all participants about the photo;
  • On the keyboard, press “prt sc sysrq” or PrtScr, PrtSc, Print Scrn;
  • Open Point. This is a standard program on the Window OS, it should be on your PC. Can
  • find it through the search on the control panel;
  • In the left corner, click “insert”;
  • If necessary, crop the photo by clicking on “select”;
  • Save and write the name of the file, as well as the location where it will be saved. You can save it to your desktop so that you do not waste time looking for it later.

In this way, you can save a screenshot of the error in Zoom, to search for solutions on the Internet. Our site already has explanations and solutions for various bugs that may occur in the Zoom application.

Can you see in Zoom when you take a screenshot

When taking a screenshot of a conference in Zoom, this is not displayed in any way. The way you take a screenshot of the Zoom screen is not visible, but it is better to warn all participants so as not to embarrass anyone, or that all participants turn on their video, for a group photo.

If Screen Zoom is not working

During the snapshot, the screen does not blink, the broadcast will continue to go. In order to check whether it was possible to make an image, you must follow the instructions that are written above in this article.

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Check if the prt sc sysrq button is pressed if no image is saved in the Point. Repeat the instruction again if the image was not copied in the Point program.

In this way, you can save important information, not only with Zoom, but also take a screenshot simply from the Internet or other programs. Such a file can be sent to any messenger if they are installed on your computer, simply by dragging the file, or share it on Zoom, how to do this, read the article here.