Is a security statement published in Zoom App?

It is published on the following site.
[Security White Paper]
[PDF document (link from the above site)] /static/47884/doc/Zoom-Security-White-Paper.pdf




Will the data during the meeting be encrypted?
If I want to communicate directly with Zoom from the intranet, what should I enter in the proxy exception settings?
Do you have any recommended security software or verified ones?
How many days in advance will I be notified (posted on the relevant website) when performing regular maintenance?
Will I be notified in advance if I perform regular maintenance?
Will users be notified in the event of a failure?
How long does it take to post a web page (email notification) in the event of a failure?
Is there an SLA guarantee?
Is there a guaranteed / target value for the operating rate?
Is your data stored securely?
Is it possible to specify the data storage location (server/data center)?
Are appropriate disaster countermeasures taken at the data storage location (server/data center)?
In what country data center is the recorded data of Zoom stored?

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