Is voice data or history other than personal information viewed by Zoom or used for anything?

Comply with Zoom’s privacy policy.
“Your personal data will be used only in accordance with this privacy policy,” and includes the following:



Does the data stored in the cloud contain personal information?
Is there a statement about anti-malware?
Is a security statement published?
Will the data during the meeting be encrypted?
If I want to communicate directly with Zoom from the intranet, what should I enter in the proxy exception settings?
Do you have any recommended security software or verified ones?
How many days in advance will I be notified (posted on the relevant website) when performing regular maintenance?
Will I be notified in advance if I perform regular maintenance?
Will users be notified in the event of a failure?
How long does it take to post a web page (email notification) in the event of a failure?
Is there an SLA guarantee?

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