[Manager] Add Zoom Room to Controller

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

Set up Zoom Rooms to Add Zoom Room to Controller

  1. Install the Zoom Rooms Conference Room application on your computer and the Zoom Rooms application on your controller device.
  2. Open Zoom Rooms on your computer.
  3. Open the Zoom Rooms application on the controller.
  4. The pairing code is displayed on the computer. Enter this code into the controller.
  5. On the controller, tap [ Sign In ].
  6. Sign in as an account owner, administrator, or a user with Zoom Rooms privileges.
  7. Tap [ Create a New Room ] or [  Add New Room ].
  8. Enter a room name.
  9. Next tap].
  10. Tap the type of calendar you want to add. Or tap [ Set Up Later ].
  11. If you have previously configured a location in the Zoom Rooms Admin Portal, you can select a location. If not, this step is skipped automatically.
  12. Enter the passcode you want to set for the room. Learn more about passcodes and when to use them.
  13. Tap [ Done ].
  14. The room is now set up and ready to use.


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