Managing address book units in Zoom App

There are several types of address books available on the market. However, most include information such as display names, phone numbers, and locations. It is possible to display information from the Zoom desktop client during an active engagement if the customer is a contact in the Zoom address book as well. It is possible for agents to add a new contact to the address book in the event that the consumer does not already appear in the address book.

It is possible for administrators to organize several address books by creating address book units. A unit for the US, for example, can contain all contact books for the American continent, therefore creating a unit for it can be helpful.

Prerequisites for managing address book units

  • Ownership or admin rights of the account
  • A pro account, a business account, or a student account
  • Licence for Zoom Contact Center

How to create an address book unit

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal by entering your username and password.
  2. Click Contact Center Management from the navigation menu, and then click Address Books from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the Create Unit button in the left-side panel of the screen.
  4. Here are the details you need to provide:
    • Unit name: Please enter a display name for the unit that will be displayed internally. There is no way for agents to see what the unit name is.
    • Description (Optional):
    • If you would like to give the unit a description, please enter it here.
  5. Then click the Create button.
  6. Create an address book in the unit by following the instructions provided in the unit.

How to delete an address book unit

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Contact Center Management then Address Books.
  3. In the left-side panel, hover over a previously-created unit or address book.
  4. You can choose one of these options by clicking on the ellipses icon:
    • Edit Unit / Edit Address Book: You can change the display name of the unit or address book as well as the description of the unit or address book.
    • Delete Unit / Delete Address Book: You can delete the unit or the address book by clicking the Delete button. As a result, all information within the unit or address book (address books, contacts, etc.) will also be deleted.
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Frequently Asked Questions

On both the Zoom desktop client and Zoom mobile app, you have the option to create groups to organize users on the Contacts tab.
  1. Log into the Zoom web portal by entering your user name and password.
  2. Select User Management from the navigation menu, and then select Groups from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Add Group window, click the Add Group button.
  4. It is important to give the new group a name as well as a description.
  5. Then click on the Add button. You will now be able to see this group in your list of groups as soon as it is created.
Editing an existing phone dial-in contact
  1. Access the Zoom web portal by logging in to your Zoom account.
  2. Click Account Management on the navigation panel and then select Phone Dial-in Contacts from the list of options.
  3. Next to the contact that you would like to edit, click Edit.
  4. The following information needs to be edited: …
  5. To save your changes, click on the Save button.
In the User Management section, click Contacts and then click Edit Contacts. The option to display all Zoom rooms under ‘All Contacts’ needs to be unchecked if it is checked. Place a check in the box next to each Zoom Room you want to be included in the contact group as soon as you click Select Zoom Rooms. Under the drop down menu under Group Visibility, you will see the drop down where you can enter a name for the group.


Creating a folder
  1. Open the Zoom mobile app and sign in to your account.
  2. On the Team Chat tab, you will find a number of options.
  3. There is an option called Folders below the Starred section, just to the right of the Starred section.
  4. You will find the button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  5. Give this folder a name and click the Next button after you have given it a name.
  6. You will have to add contacts and channels to this new folder if you wish to include them. …
  7. Click on the Create button.
How to import a CSV file
  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by logging in to the account you created.
  2. Click on the Phone System Management menu item, then click on the Company Information option in the navigation menu.
  3. On the Account Settings page, there is an option that you can click on.
  4. On the External Contacts tab, click the External Contacts button.
  5. After clicking the Import button, a new window will appear.
  6. You can upload your completed CSV file by clicking Upload CSV and selecting it from the list.
  1. On the left side of the screen, click the Contacts tab.
  2. Choose a contact from the list, or type a name into the search box.
  3. To invite an individual, you will need to click on their name. Multiple contacts can be selected at the same time. …
  4. At the bottom right of the screen, you will find an Invite button.
You can export the contact’s details by clicking on the checkbox next the contact’s profile, or you can click on the appropriate export icon located above your search results if you would like to export the contact’s details as well. If you have already added the contact to your My Contacts account, you will not be charged for any additional credit for exporting that contact.

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