Managing Contact Center users in Zoom App

Zoom Contact Center licenses can be assigned or removed by admins to existing Zoom users who use Zoom Contact Center. It is possible to change the settings for users after they have been added.

Prerequisites for managing users

  • Ownership or administrative privileges of the account
  • Accounts that are either Pro, Business, or Education accounts
  • In order to use Zoom Contact Center, you must have the following licenses:

How to assign licenses to existing users

There is an option for you to assign licenses for Zoom Contact Center to existing Zoom users.

Note : Please refer to the section to batch assign licenses if you wish to assign more than 100 licenses at once.
  1. The Zoom web portal can be accessed by logging into the Zoom account.
  2. Click on the Contact Center Management link in the navigation menu, then click the Users link.
  3. Select the Add option from the drop-down menu.
  4. The following information needs to be specified in the General section:
    • User(s): Click on Add, select the users you want to assign licenses to, and then click on the Add button.
    • Role: The user can be assigned a role based on the role that has been selected.
  5. The user’s settings can be changed (optional).
  6. Once you have selected the users that you would like to assign licenses to, click Save.
    A notification will also be emailed to the users.