Method of registering users/ How to register a new user in Zoom

Table of contents

  • When registering a new user
  • When changing an already registered basic user to a paid user

When registering a new user

  1.  Log in from the Zoom home page .
  2.  Of the left list [ User Management ], user ] and then click the.
  3. Click Add User .
  4. Enter the email address you want to add in the Add User by Email Address field.
  5. Select a user type. Select Licensed forpaid plans . Select Basic for the free plan .
  6. If you have a lot of users you want to add, you can import the data as a CSV file. Please refer
    to the method of importing with CSV .

For more information on this article, see User Management .


When changing a basic user who is already using to a paid user

  1.  Log in from the Zoom home page .
  2.  Of the left list [User Management] , [user] and then click the.
  3.  Click Edit to the right of the address .
  4. Change the  user type from Basic to Licensed .
  5. If you want to add a large-scale meeting or webinar function, check the item in “Function”.
  6. If you want to give the user a role such as administrator, select from “User Role”.
  7. If you want to enter the department, job title, work location, etc., enter them in “Department”, “Job Title”, and “Location”, respectively.
  8. See User Management for more information.


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