New From Zoom: Sign Language Interpretation, Workspace Reservation Goes Mobile, and More!

Greetings as we say goodbye to summer, and hello to apple picking, warm sweaters, and the never-ending problem of finding the perfect Halloween costume for our little ones, it’s time for a Zoom update!! With the release of our new mobile app, we are also happy to share with you the availability of Workspace Reservation on our mobile app along with some exciting new features, such as Sign Language Interpretation and new Zoom Whiteboard features.

We have also just announced a new team chat feature on Zoom Team Chat, which you may have seen. The team at Webex is excited to announce some major enhancements to the webex product that will simplify your workflows and increase your ability to connect your teams, as we take a fresh perspective on the product. Discover new features like Jira and ServiceNow integrations, message reminders, and improved in-meeting conversations on our blog!

Zoom One

Our all-in-one license type, Zoom One, has got a wide range of updates that have been made to the products under it! It is our goal to provide all of our Zoom One customers with a seamless and intuitive solution to replace their existing unified communications system, as well as offering Zoom Team Chat, Meetings, Whiteboard, and more!

Zoom Phone

Easily manage and distribute company wide audio files

The Asset Library feature in Zoom Contact Center provides a centralized platform for uploading and sharing company-sanctioned audio files. This solution enables organizations to store up to a thousand audio files including greetings, music on hold, prompts and more, providing immense convenience and efficiency.

Admins are given the ability to categorize files based on language, upload time or other relevant details, making it effortless to locate specific audio files. Additionally, this feature offers the option to bulk assign default audio prompts at site or account levels, streamlining the provisioning and management of audio files throughout the entire organization.

By offering this innovative and highly beneficial tool, Zoom Contact Center aims to revolutionize the way companies approach customer experience in Australia and New Zealand, providing them with a centralized and user-friendly solution for managing their audio files.

Custom call handling for emergency numbers

With the integration of Zoom Phone, organizations now have the ability to swiftly link their on-premise personnel, including students, faculty, and relevant stakeholders, to their own in-house safety teams in times of emergency. Admins can customize and map emergency numbers to either the internal safety teams within Zoom Phone or to external third-party systems. This allows for a more streamlined and efficient process during critical situations. For instance, administrators have the option to set their own internal emergency number, connecting directly to specialized teams such as campus safety or hazardous materials. This feature provides an added layer of security and peace of mind for all involved parties.

New reports for phone usage and data 

With the Subscription Center Management Reports feature, administrators have a streamlined solution for monitoring and tracking the utilization and acceptance of phone systems. This innovative feature enables administrators to schedule reports and access historical usage data with ease, providing a comprehensive view of the usage of the phone systems. Additionally, the feature includes a Quality of Service (QoS) report subscription option, allowing administrators to review and monitor call quality with ease, ensuring optimal communication experiences for users.

Zoom Phone Local Survivability

Zoom has recently unveiled a revolutionary solution to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of critical phone features for organizations even in case of a network outage. This hybrid survivability solution for Zoom Phone enables organizations to maintain their operational capability and keep communication lines open with their employees, clients, and stakeholders. The solution allows for the continuation of core phone features, ensuring that organizations can carry on with their business activities without any hindrance. If you are interested in learning more about this innovative solution, head over to the Zoom blog for more information and in-depth insights.

Zoom Meetings and Webinars

Sign Language Interpretation for Zoom Meetings and Webinars

Enhance the inclusivity of your virtual gatherings by introducing Sign Language Interpretation, an innovative feature that allows meeting and webinar organizers to appoint multiple participants as sign language interpreters. This makes it possible for individuals with hearing disabilities to access the conversation with ease, by selecting the sign language interpretation of their choice. With this feature, you can create a more accessible and accommodating environment for all participants, promoting equal participation and effective communication.

New toolbar for meetings on the Zoom mobile app

The Zoom mobile app has been designed with the aim of providing ease of access to features during meetings. Instead of navigating through a complex menu to locate the features, users can simply swipe left or right to reveal additional options that were previously hidden under the “More” menu. This intuitive design enables users to effortlessly access and utilize features while on the go, making Zoom mobile app an ideal solution for busy professionals and on-the-move teams.

Improved Apple CarPlay support

With the enhanced Apple CarPlay support, you can now keep a track of your daily schedule on the go. You can view a comprehensive list of your upcoming meetings and join them effortlessly, directly from your car, with the help of CallKit native controls. Simply tap on a scheduled meeting to participate in it. In case you have a day off, you will receive a notification indicating the same.

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Updated profile cards

With the updated profile cards, you can now access important information about other meeting participants with ease. You can view details such as name, position, location, and more, simply by hovering over their profile pictures in the Participants window, in-meeting chat, or in the invite window. Ensure to update your own profile to provide relevant information about yourself, and include a personal note to add a personal touch.

Zoom Whiteboard

Zoom Whiteboard Plus availability

With the aim of enhancing the collaboration and communication capabilities of our Zoom Whiteboard users, we have introduced Zoom Whiteboard Plus, a premium subscription option specifically designed for Zoom users. This subscription offers access to a wide range of features, including all the popular and widely used Zoom Whiteboard functionalities. Furthermore, with the added benefits of unlimited concurrent whiteboards and the ability to create and customize templates, users can expect a truly elevated experience while utilizing Zoom Whiteboard Plus.

New features: Tables, Mind Map, and @mentions

As we continuously strive to improve our product offerings, we’re thrilled to introduce three cutting-edge features for Zoom Whiteboard that will elevate your collaboration experience to the next level. These features include:

  • Tables – Create content Channels . You can add contacts, create contact groups, sorts, and scales within whiteboards through the creation of tables, or even create checklists.

  • Mind Map – If you’re using Mind Map, you’ll be able to create intuitive flow charts that automatically arrange the data you’ve gathered along the way and annotate them.

  • @mentions in comments – This allows you to communicate directly with your teammates in the comments and when they reply to the comment via the @mention – and don’t worry because they’ll be automatically notified by email and chat that they’ve been tagged!

Zoom Contact Center

Take advantage of Zoom Contact Center’s latest updates to create a unique client experience at your website, streamline your operations, and empower intelligent self-service.

Salesforce integration

With the integration of the Zoom Contact Center for Salesforce, organizations are now able to offer their customers a highly personalized experience and improve their agents’ overall efficiency. The integration enables agents to access the contact center functionalities and manage customer engagements directly from the Salesforce platform, eliminating the need for switching between applications. This seamless integration also facilitates post-call wrap-up by automatically synchronizing customer data, history, and contacts between the Zoom Contact Center and Salesforce address book, making it easier for agents to keep track of customer interactions. The result is a streamlined and more efficient customer service experience for both agents and customers alike.

Easily add more cloud storage

Expanding Compliance Needs with Increased Storage for Recordings

To better cater to the compliance needs of various industries, Zoom Contact Center now offers the option to purchase additional storage for retaining recordings. With a base storage capacity of 5GB for assets such as recordings and voicemails included in each license, customers from industries such as healthcare, accounting, finance, and telemarketing can ensure that they meet their regulatory requirements.

However, when the base storage limit is reached, the system will automatically delete recordings, which may not be ideal for industries that need to retain their recordings. To address this concern, customers can now purchase the add-on to ensure that their recordings are not deleted, although overages may apply. With this new feature, Zoom Contact Center is making it easier for customers to comply with regulations while maintaining the quality of their recorded interactions.

Zoom Contact Center integration with Zoom Kiosk

Zoom Contact Center has taken the next step in enhancing customer engagement with the integration of its technology with touch devices such as Zoom Kiosk. Businesses now have the opportunity to streamline their customer experience and offer a more personalized touch. The integration can be done through custom development using the Zoom Contact Center software development kits or through the use of the fully integrated Zoom Kiosk. This integration provides a new level of accessibility for on-site customers and adds the potential for a video-enhanced experience.

Solvvy from Zoom chatbot integration

Revolutionize Customer Service with the Solvvy Chatbot

Empower your customers with round-the-clock support by integrating the Solvvy chatbot into your Zoom Contact Center setup. With the ability to provide accurate and timely self-service assistance, your customers will have access to quick and efficient support at any time of day. In addition to Solvvy, Zoom Contact Center is also compatible with other industry-leading chatbots such as Google Dialogflow and Amazon Lex, offering you a wide range of options to enhance your customer service capabilities.

Upgrade a voice call, SMS, or web chat to a video call

With the ability to upgrade from a voice call, web chat, or SMS to a video call, the Zoom Contact Center gives agents the power to provide unparalleled customer service. This feature allows for the creation of stronger relationships between agents and customers through the use of visual communication tools such as screen share, file share, and chat. As a result, customer issues can be quickly and efficiently resolved, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Zoom Spaces

This update to Zoom Workspaces brings you a number of new features and functionalities that help you create the best possible workspace experience, improve the presentation of your content, and greatly simplify the process of booking on-site resources in your workspace.

Book office space from your mobile device

With Zoom’s Workspace Reservation integration for the iOS or Android mobile app, your teams can take advantage of Zoom’s mobile app to reserve on-site resources like phones, desks, rooms, and spaces right from their smartphones. In order to provide the flexibility that your workday requires, you need to be able to reserve the workspace that you need, anywhere you are, from anywhere on your mobile device.

Zoom Rooms

Scheduling Display UI updates

It is now possible to see and understand all the important information about the meeting schedule, the room name, the number of people, and many other aspects that are displayed on Zoom Scheduling Display with larger fonts, sharper colors, and a better layout to make it easier to see and understand. From the Scheduling Display, you can check into Workspace Reservations or book Zoom Rooms from the The Scheduling Display, by clicking on the relevant links.

Enhanced Views for Zoom Rooms 

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our customers’ meeting room experience, Zoom Rooms users are now able to see content with a new enhancement to the way Zoom Rooms is used during meetings. In order to achieve this, we will need to organize the display and speaker to help users gain a better overview of the content being presented and improve the in-meeting chat window to allow users to communicate without distracting notifications or blocking the view of the presentation.

Launch and participate in polls in Zoom Rooms

By enabling your users to participate in and launch polls in a Zoom Room, you are giving them the opportunity to immediately get the opinions of other participants and to make their voice heard by allowing them to seamlessly get opinions from others. In order to achieve a more engaging room dynamic, we encourage meeting participants to engage with one another through our platform and create a more inclusive meeting experience.

Zoom Rooms Tagging System

With our new tagging system, we hope to assist admins in finding rooms that are best suited to their needs and enable them to use Zoom Rooms the most effectively. It enables admins to create tags which can be used to perform multiple functions, such as organizing and managing Zoom Rooms based on their type, function, size, the inclusion of a whiteboard, the number of displays, the type of executive use, and so on. Rooms can also be tagged up to ten times, allowing administrators to identify meeting room environments more easily.

Zoom Events

Zoom Events has been updated to make it easier for speakers to deliver presentations, create chat lobbies, and enhance their networking profile by offering these exciting new features.

Event setup improvements

The new event type consolidation and the host overview tab have been designed to make it easier for event hosts to set up and manage events. There is no longer a need for you to select whether your event is going to be a single-session event or a multi-session event when you are setting up your event. There are the same features that can be applied to single-session events as they can be applied to multi-session events. As a side benefit, we are also providing organizers with a guide to help them navigate the setup process, so they do not have to worry about a thing.

Marketo integration

Marketo is a marketing automation platform that allows event marketers to sync registration data, such as join links, registrants’ profiles and status, attendance, and activity and engagement within an event, without having to manually upload the data into the tool.

Speaker portal

The speaker portal offers your event speakers a chance to upload their photo and speaker bio, as well as view all upcoming sessions that they will be presenting, so you don’t have to worry about them. The portal also allows users to start practicing right from your portal, which further simplifies the preparation process for them.

Networking profile updates 

It is important to note that we recently updated the way attendee profiles are presented in order to assist your virtual attendees in learning a bit more about one another and creating connections. We’ve improved the layout and navigation of attendee profiles by providing a single view of full attendees’ profiles anywhere they see a profile card, and providing a more streamlined look and feel to the profile pages.

Help your attendees connect during events

Create private chat lobbies for your attendees, as well as private group chats for your attendees, so that you have a more versatile space for private conversations at your events. The attendees can then connect with their connections one-to-one over chat, and have video meetings with them once they have connected over chat.

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Customize your expo booth 

As part of the Expo booth information card, booth hosts have the ability to create a space that inspires attendees by customizing their booths with images that display on the entryway as well as social media links to reduce the amount of time they spend browsing!

Zoom IQ for Sales

How would you feel if you could enhance the performance of your sales team, increase the quality of their customer service, and make better business decisions based on data-backed insights? The Zoom IQ for Sales leverages the power of conversational intelligence to provide you with the important feedback you need to reach your business goals and collects all the information you need in order to analyze the data and make informed decisions.


Zoom IQ for Sales recently introduced an enhanced feature called Indicators, which identifies specific words, phrases, or sentences within your recordings so you can capture critical moments in your conversations so you can review them later. It follows that in addition to being able to subscribe to alerts when these topics are mentioned, you will also be able to see a summary of how your indicators are trending over the course of the day. A variety of pre-defined categories are available to choose from (Market, Product/Feature, Sales Playbook) or you can create your own if you wish.



Why is Language Interpretation not working on Zoom?

Enter your login information into the Zoom online interface.To access the Settings, click the cogwheel in the navigation menu.To access the Meeting tab, click here.To enable or disable the language interpretation feature, go to the In Meeting (Advanced) section and click the Language Interpretation toggle.

What is the interpretation feature in Zoom?

Clicking the Interpretation button in the meeting controls will now allow attendees and interpreters to choose a language channel.An interpreter who is participating in the channel will be able to hear the audio from the original meeting, which they may then translate. Interpreters can only listen to the language channel that corresponds to the language for which they have been allocated.

How do I remove the Zoom interpreter?

Add or remove someone from an interpreter role

To bring in or take away interpreters: Add an interpreter: Simply decide whether you want to add a language interpreter or a sign language interpreter by clicking the “+ Add Interpreter” button, and then choose the person’s name and the language they speak. To remove an interpreter, choose their name and then select the delete icon that appears next to their name.

Can I be the host and the interpreter on Zoom?

Only the person who is hosting the meeting has the ability to start the interpretation and control it. The Zoom mobile app does not currently include the ability to begin or control interpretation. Audio is the only content that may be shared with attendees who join the meeting through the Zoom mobile app.

Does Zoom provide language translation?

Translate captions into another language
Zoom has the capability to translate the captions into the language of your choice, should the presenter be speaking in a language other than your own and should you desire to have the presentation made in your language. This is done in real time throughout the meeting, and each individual participant has the ability to customize their own settings.

What is AI translation for Zoom?

Log in to the Zoom web portal using an account that has administrative privileges and the ability to change account settings.Click on Account Management in the drop-down menu in the navigation bar, then click on Account Settings.To access the Meeting tab, click here.To enable or disable the feature, go to the In Meeting (Advanced) section and click the Translated captions toggle.

What is the best Zoom translator app?

Wordly is designed to integrate easily with Zoom, acting as your personal translator and transcriber for all of the webinars and meetings that you host using Zoom. Participants have the option of listening to or reading translations in any one of sixteen different languages. Wordly has the capability to incorporate closed captioning into your Zoom meeting in the language of your choosing.