Recording a video greeting or videomail In Zoom App

Zoom Phone users have the option of recording and playing videos when a missed call comes in from another Zoom Phone user within the same account. Thereafter, they can leave a video message that will be able to be played back to the users.

Prerequisites for recording a video greeting or videomail

  • For the Desktop Client, you’ll need version 5.5.0 or later for Windows, macOS, or Linux
  • Linux For the Zoom mobile app, you’ll need version 5.9.0 or later for iOS or Android
  • Android which is the Zoom Phone subscription
  • You can enable and disable voicemail or videomail policy settings for your account/site or users at the level of your admin
  • By default, videomail is not enabled for users. For users to record and send video greetings to other telephone users in the account, or to leave video mail for those users, this must be enabled.

How to record a video greeting

Desktop client

  1. Open the Zoom desktop client and sign in with your Zoom account.
  2. From your profile picture, select the setting button.
  3. Then select the tab labelled Phone.
  4. Find the Video Greetings section by scrolling down.
  5. To create a video greeting if there isn’t one, click the Record button. Click View Video Greeting if there is a video greeting already created.
  6. You have the following options to choose from:
    • You have the following options to choose from:
      • Close:
      • You have the option of closing the video greeting.
      • Record:
      • The video greeting will begin to record. You will be prompted to stop recording and save your recording.
    • The following scenario applies if a video greeting exists:
      • Discard:
      • Delete the current video greeting.
      • Done:
      • This will close the window for the video greeting.
      • Retake:
      • In order to replace the existing video greeting, you will begin recording a new one. In order to save the new recording, click Stop Recording.

Mobile app

  1. Log in to Zoom on your mobile device.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select Phone.
  4. Then, select VIDEO GREETINGS on the left side of the page.
  5. To create a new video greeting, select Record if there is not already one. Alternatively, you can select View Video Greeting if one already exists.
  6. Here are the options you can choose from:
    • If there is not a video greeting you can select:
      • Close:
      • The page with the video greeting will be closed.
      • Record:
      • The video greeting will begin recording. To stop the recording, tap on the Stop Recording button.
      • Switch:
      • Change between the front-facing and back-facing cameras on your mobile device.
    • Here is a link to the video greetings that already exist.
      • Discard:
      • The existing greeting will be deleted.
      • Done:
      • Close the window where the video greeting appears.
      • Retake:
      • The camera is now turned on and recording a new video greeting that will replace the original. The recording can be stopped and saved by tapping the Stop Recording button.

How to record a videomail

  1. You have the option of calling another account holder who has the same phone number.
  2. You will be able to hear their video greeting if the call is routed through their videomail. For the user of the phone, you can leave a videomail by clicking or tapping Record Videomail.

    • After you wait for five seconds for the voicemail recording to start, the recording will start automatically if none of the options are selected.
    • The user is also able to record a regular audio message by clicking the Record Voicemail button.
    • If you are making a call while you are participating in a Zoom meeting, you can not leave a videomail.