Recording place of recording/recording data in Zoom App

Recordings / recordings are stored in the following locations.

Please note that the type of recording can vary depending on the type of license.

<Recording method for each license>

Free usersBasic Paid User 
Pro, Business, Enterprise,
Active Host License
Local recording Yes Yes
Cloud record × Yes

To find
and / or change the default recording location for local recordings

Windows, Mac, Linux

  1. Click Gear Icon (Settings).
  2. Click [Recording].
  3. The save destination is indicated in the local recording.
    Click [Open] to open the saved folder.
    Click [Change] to change the save location of the local recording.

Access cloud records

Windows, Mac, Linux


  • Log in to the Zoom



  1. Click [Meeting].
  2. Click [Recorded].
  3. Place the cursor on the meeting record that you want to view, and click Open.
  1. ideo file
    ・    Audio file
    ・   Transcript (text generation)

Windows, Mac, Linux

  1. Access [ My Recordings ] on the Zoom web portal and click the meeting topic you want to view.
  1. Each recording file is displayed. The following options will be displayed for each file
    Download: Download this record to your computer.
    [Share]: You can copy this URL and share the record.
    A pop-up appears with the URL and sharing settings.
    Delete: Move this record to the recycle bin.

If you delete the record

  1. [ My recording ]
  2. You can restore or permanently delete the file by clicking Trash on the page .