Requesting phone numbers In Zoom App

You can fill out a request to obtain phone numbers by using one of the following methods of requesting the numbers if the numbers are not available. When you request numbers, Zoom will try to locate them for you.


  • The following is a list of the requirements for each country
  • We have several articles on moving existing phone numbers to Zoom Phone if you are thinking about porting over an existing number.
  • The following option may be of assistance if you wish to request a vanity toll-free number.
  • It is important that before you attempt to order sequential numbers, it is a good idea to first select the Advanced option when adding phone numbers in order to see what options are available. To learn more, please refer to the steps for obtaining phone numbers.
  • Vanity Local number does not currently support.

Web portal

You will be prompted to submit a ticket to request numbers if you’re unable to access Zoom Phone in a country that is generally available. Please follow the steps below to view the form:

  1. Register for a Zoom account.
  2. On the menu, click Phone Numbers, then Phone System Management.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Type the information as follows:
    • Target Site (only visible if you have multiple sites):
    • Enter the name of the site you wish to receive phone numbers for.
    • Country/Region:
    • Search for available phone numbers by choosing the appropriate country or region.
    • Select the type of phone number you want to obtain:
    • Toll-free or toll-free.
    • To obtain toll-free numbers, you need the toll-free license.
    • If you only want to search reserved numbers and have reserved numbers, choose Reserved Numbers Only.
    • State/Province/Territory:
    • The drop-down menu allows you to view the area codes associated with various states, provinces, and territories.
    • Area Code – City:
    • For searching area codes and cities in the selected state/province/territory, enter an area code or a city. The drop-down menu allows you to choose an area code or city.
  5. You can also click Advanced to search using advanced options:
    • Sort numbers by sequence by checking Sequential.
    • Search available numbers by prefix using the text box next to the area code. Prefixes are numbers following the area code.
  6. Press the Search Numbers button.
  7. Click on Create Ticket to request numbers if none are available for your area.
  8. You can select the phone numbers you want to acquire, or you can select all phone numbers in the search results by clicking the Select All checkbox.
  9. Then click the Confirm button.