Settings and shortcut keys available from client and zoom app

You can configure device-specific settings for desktop clients and mobile apps. There are settings that can be changed without logging in to the Zoom web portal.

Windows, Mac, Linux

  1. On the Zoom Client Home screen, click Gear Mark (Settings) .
  2. The settings window will open. Items that can be adjusted are displayed.
    The contents of the items that can be set on the desktop client are described below.


Configure settings for launching an application, joining a meeting, and sharing content.


  • Start Zoom when Windows starts ]
  • [ Zoom start silently when Windows starts ]-When Zoom starts, you can mute the meeting until you manually turn on the microphone.
  • Close the window is minimized and it will be displayed in the notification area without being displayed on the taskbar ]-closing the client will not close the client.
  • Automatic invitation URL after the meeting start to the clipboard copy ]
  • Confirmed at the time of the meeting of the exit ] – [ leaving the meeting after you click], if the message to confirm that you want to leave a meeting is required, select this
  • Display the time to put theory ]

Content sharing 

  • Dual-monitor using the If you want to view] -Zoom to both of the monitor, select it.
  • When you start or join a meeting, start a full-screen to Auto ]
  • Automatically full screen when displaying the screen to share with others ]
  • Maximize Zoom Window to myself when viewing a screen shared by another user ]-Displays the Zoom window at maximum size but does not enter full screen mode.
  • Zoom to the Zoom window when displaying a screen shared
  • with others ]-Automatically zooms in / out according to the size of

The Zoom Window

  • [Turn off Windows 7 Aero mode for screen sharing]
  • Enable remote control of all the applications ]
  • Share Zoom windows in desktop sharing ]
  • Horizontal display mode ]


In the video settings, you can view the video feed and change the camera.


  • Select the camera to use with [ Camera ]-Zoom.
  • Video Ratio ]-You can select the screen ratio from 16: 9 (wide screen) or original size.

My video

  • Enable HD- Check to use HD video in the meeting.
  • Enable Mirror Effect ]-Check if you want the video to be displayed as a mirror effect.
  • To correct the appearance – to apply a blur to compensate for rough skin.


  • Always  Display participants name on their video ] -Display the participant’s name in the video .
  • When you participate in the meeting, to turn off the video ] – If you manually want to hide the video until you turn on the video puts a check.
  • Hide Non-Video Participants ] -Hide the thumbnails of participants without video.
  • Spot my video when talking]-To make it easy for participants to see who is talking, check and spotlight your video.


You can select microphones and speakers, test, adjust the volume, and change other settings.

  • Automatically adjust the volume ] -By making the microphone sound smaller or louder, it normalizes the volume and makes it easier for other participants to hear. Turn this off if you have problems with audio fading in and out.
  • At the time of participation in the meeting, automatically participate in the audio on the computer ] – instead of specifying each time the audio participation method, will join automatically to computer audio.
  • Meeting always mutes the microphone ]-You can manually cancel the microphone mu.
  • When you join the meeting by using a third-party of audio, to participate in the audio ]
  • Enable stereo ]
  • Do not change the original sound from the microphone ]-Turn off the automatic adjustment of Zoom designed to improve the quality of the microphone, such as echo cancellation. If you have a microphone with these adjustments applied, turn this option off.
  • You can temporarily unmute yourself by pressing and holding the space key ]-Check this to set this shortcut key.
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You can adjust settings related to Zoom messaging (chat) and notifications you receive.

Chat settings

  • Show offline contacts ]
  • Include Link Preview ]
  • Show my status as Offline when I am inactive for x minutes ] -When logged into a mobile device, set the status to mobile, and when not logged in, go offline.
  • Sync up status from Outlook calendar ]-If busy with Outlook calendar , Zoom will show as busy.
  • Manage Blocked Users ] – to display a user that are blocked, or from the blacklist To remove a user, click on it.

Unread message

  • Keep all unread messages at the top ]-Check m if you want to display all unread messages at the top.
  • Display Unread Message Badge for Channel ]-Check this to display the number of unread messages.

Push Notification

  • Notifications ]-Select whether you want to receive notifications for all messages,
  • only for direct messages and mentions, or you do not want to receive notifications.
  • There is an exception ] – Sets the exception of notice to a specific group.
  • Busy time – to set the time zone you do not want to receive the notification.
  • Play sound when new message is received ]
  • Mute notification during a meeting or during a call ]

<Virtual background>

You can select a virtual background, select a background color (green), and upload a virtual background image.


In the recording, you can select the location of the local recording, and view the free space and usage of the cloud recording space.

  • Choose a location for recorded files when meeting ends ] -When the meeting is over, a screen will appear prompting you to select a location  to save the file.
  • Record audio track of each speaker ] – Instead of putting all of the records in one of the audio file, to create a different audio file participants.
  • Optimize for third-party video editors ]-Select this check box to make the file created with Zoom compatible with video editing software that can be used to correct the recording file.
  • Add a time stamp to record ] – actually enable to embed in recording the date and time that the meeting has taken place.
  • [Record video of screen sharing]
  • [Move video next to screen shared during recording]


  • Show advanced features
  • [Edit My Profile]
  • [Check subscription]


The statistics show the CPU and memory usage currently used by Zoom. Network statistics are displayed during the meeting.


Send feedback on ideas, requests, general comments, etc. to Zoom.


Accessibility provides accessibility options and lists keyboard shortcuts available in Zoom.

  • Always displays the toolbar of the conference control ] – the display / non-display of the Meeting Controls You can also use the Alt key
  • Subtitle Text Size ] – increase the size of the subtitle by adjusting the slider, or smaller.
    • Keyboard shortcut
      Navigate the Zoom popup windowCtrl + Alt + ShiftChange focus to Zoom meeting control (upper part while sharing screen, lower part if not sharing)PageUPDisplay the previous 25 video participants in the gallery viewPageDownShow next video participant in gallery viewAltToggle to always show meeting control options in Settings / AccessAlt + F1Switch to speaker viewAlt + F2Switch to graphical viewAlt + F4Close current windowAlt + VStart / stop videoAlt + AMute / unmute audioAlt + M Mute / Unmute everyone’s audio except host
      (valid for host only)Alt + S Start / stop screen sharingAlt + Shift + SShow / Hide shared windows and applications Alt + TPause / Resume
      />sharing (valid only while sharing screen) Alt + R Start / stop local recordingAlt + CStart / stop cloud recording Alt + PPause / Resume Recording Alt + NSwitch camera Alt + FEnter / Exit Full Screen Mode Alt + HShow / hide chatAlt + UShow / Hide Participant Management Alt + IOpen the Invitation window Alt + YRaise / lower hand Alt + Shift + RGet remote control Alt + Shift + GStop remote controlAlt + Shift + TTake a screenshot
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iOS · Android

  1. Tap [ Settings ] (gear icon) on the app home screen .
  2. The setting menu opens. You can check the following contents from each menu.
  3. Name and Email Address
  4. Click on the name and email address to edit basic profile settings or sign out of the Zoom app.

Profile picture ]

  1. Display Name ]-Edit the name displayed in Zoom.
  2. Sign-in Password ]-Change the password.
  3. Personal Note ] -Set a personal note.
  4. Personal meeting ID (PMI) ] – Change the personal meeting ID (Pro license required).
  5. Sign out ]

[ Meeting ]

  • Automatic connection to audio ] – during the meeting participate in, and automatically connect to the audio using the Internet.
  • Yourself in calls to their number – and then call to your phone number automatically when you join the meeting. This may not be available at some meetings.
  • My always mute the microphone ] – during the meeting participate in, and to always mute the microphone. If the host allows it, you can unmute it.
  • My video always off – always turn off the video at the time of meeting participants. If selected during a meeting, you can start the video.
  • Always show the Meeting Controls ]
  • Synchronized calendar ] – When you click this, you can choose I want you to check in Zoom in relation to the meeting calendar. When you sync calendars, all Zoom meetings in these calendars will be added to your next meeting.
  • Meeting reminder ] -Zoom will remind to participate in the next meeting.
  • Subtitle ]-Zoom will display subtitles, if available.
  • Integrated Calling  ]-Display the Zoom call in the call list of the phone.
  • Display the connection time – Displays the time that was in the meeting.
  • Safe operation mode ]-Swipe to the right to enter the safe operation mode. Tap to speak and the video is off.
  • To correct the appearance – to retouch their own video to be displayed during the meeting.
  • Ultrasonic proximity detection ] – to start the meeting of Zoom Rooms using ultrasonic proximity detection, will participate in the meeting.
  • Keep Virtual Background For ] – to maintain the setting of the virtual background.

[ Contact ]

  • Contact matching of phone – the contacts that are registered in the phone, and then against the contact of Zoom. If you and your contact have both registered numbers, you will be the Zoom contact.
  • Contact request – Displays a contact request sent, or received.

[ Message ]

  • Include a preview of the link ]

[ Notification ]

  • Notified ] – Do you want to receive the notification in all of the message, choose not to receive or want to receive notification only in the case of private messages and Mention, or notification.
  • Channel There is an exception – to set an exception to a specific group.
  • Maintaining all of the unread messages at the top ]
  • Display the number of unread messages in the channel ] – will be displayed in badge the number of unread messages.
  • To disable it during the meeting – during the meeting will disable the notification.
  • Date and time notified – Select only if you want to receive in the case of whether you always want to receive notifications, or desktop offline.
  • Notification method ]-Select whether you want to be notified by vibration, notification sound, or both when receiving a notification.
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[ General ]

  • Blur the snapshot in the task switcher ] – in order to strengthen the security, if you select this option, you will see the snapshot blurred when you open the iOS task switcher.
  • Integrated Communication ]-You can receive calls from the locked screen and make Zoom calls using the phone list on your device.

[ Detailed information ]

  • Version ]-Displays your Zoom version.
  • Submit Feedback ] – send feedback.
  • Tell other people about Zoom ]-Invite someone else to use Zoom by email or message.
  • [ Assess Zoom in App Store ]-Opens App Store and allows you to rate Zoom.
  • Privacy Policy ]-Displays Zoom’s privacy policy.


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