Share computer sounds during zoom screen sharing


  • Zoom Desktop Client for Mac or Windows
Note :  You can not share computer sounds while multiple screens are shared.


How to share audio when sharing screen

Click [ Share Computer Sound ] to share computer audio such as YouTube, Pandora, etc. during screen sharing .


Screen sharing with computer sounds when connected to meeting voice over phone

Join the meeting through both the phone and the computer,
receive the audio through the phone, receive
the video / screen share through the computer
, enter the meeting ID and the participant ID and join the device to the user It applies.

When Sharing computer sounds is turned on, the

audio is channeled through both the phone device and the computer audio.


To stop sending voice

You can stop it by either of the following.

  • Click Stop Sharing at the top of the meeting screen
  • Mute the phone speaker or PC or MAC speaker


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