System requirements for Zoom App (iOS, iPadOS and Android)

This post was most recently updated on March 30th, 2022

This article lists the requirements for using the Zoom mobile app on iOS, iPad OS, and Android.


Content of this article:

  • equipment
  • Supported OS
  • Web Start Supported Browsers
  • Processor requirements
  • Recommended bandwidth


Zoom System requirements for iOS and Android

  • Internet connection- WiFi (a / g / n / ac) or wireless (3G or 4G / LTE)
  • (Optional) Bluetooth wireless speaker and microphone


Zoom Supported operating system in Mobile

  • iOS 8.0 or later
    •  Sending and receiving video using the front or rear camera
    •  iPhone 4 or later, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad 2 or later, iPod touch (4th generation), iPhone 3GS (without front camera)
  •  iPadOS 13 or later
  • Android 5.0x or later


Zoom Supported Web Start Browsers

  • iOS / iPadOS: Safari5 +, Chrome
  • Android: Webkit (default), Chrome

Processor requirements for Zoom

  • 1 GHz single-core processor or higher (non-Intel)


Recommended bandwidth for Zoom In mobile 


The bandwidth used by Zoom is optimized for the best experience based on the participant’s network. Bandwidth is automatically adjusted according to 3G or WiFi.


Recommended bandwidth when using WiFi:

  • For one-on-one video calls : 600 kbps (up / down)
  • for high-quality video, 1.2 Mbps (up / down)
  • For group video calls : 600kbps / 1.2Mbps
  • For 720p HD video: 2.6 Mbps/1.8 Mbps (up/down)
  • For 1080p HD video: 3.8 Mbps/3.0 Mbps (up/down)
  • For gallery view: 1.5Mbps / 1.5Mbps (up / down)



Bluetooth speakerphone and microphone

  • Jabra Speak 510
  • Logitech P710e
  • Plantronics Calisto 620

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